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  1. ‘Throughout my entire pregnancy, I had a ticking time bomb inside of me, and no one knew.’
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As the IMF helpfully pointed out earlier this year:. The net contribution to global systemic risk is captured by the difference between the outward spillover to the system from the bank and the inward spillover to the bank from the system based on forecast error variance decomposition. Deutsche Bank appears to the most important net contributor to systemic risks in the global banking system, followed by HSBC and Credit Suisse.

Moreover, Deutsche Bank appears to be a key source of outward spillovers to all other G-SIBs as measured by bilateral linkages.

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‘Throughout my entire pregnancy, I had a ticking time bomb inside of me, and no one knew.’

These linkages include derivatives counterparties. But derivatives can get even more wild, since the amounts in question can add up to trillions of notional dollars , i. Well, in its notional derivative exposure was Does that look frightening? Well, maybe this will make you feel better: In the wake of the meltdown, the banksters put their heads together to come up with some new regulatory guidelines for containing the derivatives exposure mess.

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These changes were articulated by the G20 at the Pittsburgh conference. OTC derivative contracts should be reported to trade repositories. Non-centrally cleared contracts should be subject to higher capital requirements. Unless the IMF, which went to great pains to single Deutsche Bank out as the most precarious bank in Europe, might have ulterior motives for destabilizing the existing financial order and bringing in one governed by their own soon-to-be global reserve instrument.

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Unless the US government has its own reasons for pulling the rug out from under the ECB by imposing a fine that they know would cause Deutsche to go under. But we all know such august institutions as these would never cause a crisis in order to benefit from it , would they? Sleep tight, everyone! I think it is good to point out the different between gross and net exposure.

The exposure of 55 trillion mentioned here is the gross exposure. Basically, a bank has both long and short positions and these cancel out. The net exposure is typically 0. Thanks so much for your helpful comment. Central bankers in Europe, US, and Japan are discussing ways to seriously stoke inflation via banker issued edicts bypassing elected officials source WSJ , e. Yellen nod to direct central bank purchase of equities, others want to increase entitlement spending, etc.

I note with interest via your comment that the WSJ is describing how the technocrats will bypass elected governments to save the day…?

GMO Ticking Time Bomb () - IMDb

Democracy insinuated as officially obsolete in the MSM? Technocrats saving the day from the bumbling of incompetent politicians and their incompetent bumbling electors? Return to redistribution? In fact, we have redistribution since the beginning of civilization. From slaves, serfs, workers to the upper castes. Maybe this is hard to see and could depend to which caste you belong.

It is distorting their minds and making them seriously depressed. Middle-aged men are turning to porn in increasingly large numbers, either to spice up waning sex lives or as an easy substitute for the real thing. Although men have always sought sexual distractions, Blumenthal believes the ubiquity of internet porn is literally blowing their minds.

Before the internet, mainstream porn was limited to cheesy top-shelf magazines such as High Society , Razzle and Playbirds. Yes, there were hardcore videos out there but only if you were prepared to get your hands dirty browsing the unhygienic shelves of dank, Soho sex shops.

But even then, the gaudy covers and titillating titles — Jet Sex , Up and Coming and Cinderotica spring depressingly to mind — gave little indication as to what was actually inside. Being ripped off came with the territory.

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Refunds were out of the question. Before we were able to swipe our way to instant sexual gratification, tastes were governed by what was available and the effort and expense of acquiring it. Fine if you happened to be into bubble-permed girl-on-rug action; for everyone else, it was a case of using your imagination and hoping for the best. The internet has expanded our arousal horizons exponentially, providing a platform for every sexual proclivity imaginable and many more besides.

Users no longer have to worry about what other people might think porn mag purchases often came with a discreet brown paper bag.

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Today there are no limits and no judgments — just you, your screen and a virtual button to anywhere. But the consequences of so much unregulated freedom are only now becoming clear. And it is doctors like Blumenthal who are having to pick up the pieces. Humans have the capacity for rational, deliberating thought but we are also impulse-driven. It has become a retreat from the real world, an uncomplicated, non-judgmental, private place where men can indulge fantasies and hide from their worries and anxieties.

Indeed, older men will often turn to pornography in times of crisis, during marital difficulties for instance or when they feel isolated and afraid. For many men porn acts as a kind of anti-depressant but according to Blumenthal, all that unattainable imagery only exacerbates feelings of isolation. This is especially worrying for middle-aged male consumers who are most at risk of suicide, the leading cause of death for men under What is becoming abundantly clear is that action needs to be taken to protect not only vulnerable children but vulnerable adults too, and yet successive governments continue to scupper any meaningful regulation.

There is so much more to adult relationships and sex than what they see online. Dr Blumenthal believes we need to go further and that the lack of effective regulation has been shortsighted and irresponsible in the extreme. All we do know is that right now men are suffering, often alone and in silence. Lawyers, bankers, peers of the realm, teenagers, road-sweepers and fathers of young children, all of them living secretive double lives, shrouded in misery, shame and self-loathing.

In light of the harm experienced by so many men, perhaps it is time a Conservative government considered introducing an all-out ban. Sites that feature child abuse or promote terrorist organisations are already regulated or monitored by police, so we know the technology exists. Concerns about freedom of expression should be weighed against evidence of actual harm. At the very least, this might provide some hard evidence, bringing all that private misery out into the open.

In the meantime, how about this for an idea: in addition to age verification, we impel every registered porn site to carry a whopping great health warning, a bit like the ones used on cigarette packets. Instead of tar-encrusted lungs, the warning could feature a photograph of a lonely man staring anxiously at a computer screen, pants round ankles. The wording could read something like this.

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DANGER — the site you are about to enter contains footage of actors engaging in fake sexual scenarios that bear little relationship to real life. Viewing such material can result in desensitisation, relationship breakdown, long-term damage to mental health, an inability to engage in meaningful sexual intercourse with another human being and low self-esteem.

Side effects may include erectile dysfunction, an inability to reach orgasm, depression, anxiety, shame, self-disgust, isolation and suicidal thoughts.