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The Gray Level Co-occurence Matrix GLCM is calculated for the dermoscopic images from which features such as homogenity, energy and entropy are calculated. In addition to these shape features are also taken into consideration. The performance of the system is evaluated using accu-racy, sensitivity and specificity. The area under the curve AUC demonstrates the superiority of tetrolet transform. Abstract: Monarch butterfly optimization MBO is used for the optimal capacitor placement problem.

Loss Sensitivity method is used for optimal locations of capacitors. Capacitor sizes by MBO algorithm in radial distribution systemscorresponding to maximum loss reductions are determined in this paper. The results are presented with test systembus, bus and bus. Keywords: Monarch butterfly optimization algorithm, Loss Sensitivity Method.

Abstract: Antenna array optimization is a major research problem in the field of electromagnetic and antenna engineering. The optimization typically involves in handling several radiation parameters like Sidelobe level SL and beamwidth BW. In this paper, the linear antenna array LAA configuration is considered with symmetrical distribution of excitation and special distribution. The objective of the design problem considered involves in generating optimized patterns in terms of SLL and BW and check the robustness of the social group optimization algorithm SGOA. The analysis of the design problem is carried out in terms of radiation pattern plots.

The simulation is carried out in Matlab. Abstract: Web mining has become a more emerging topic these days and is speedily increasing with the growth of data on web. It is playing an essential role in our life as it helps us providing quicker information by using new trends and technologies to improve. Hyperlink structure analysis and web crawling provide scope for more advanced research topics.

If a system coverers various most relevant web pages in search engine environment, then it can improve the result of search engine. Today, web crawling is an emerging issue in search engine which considers search quality, accessing pages at various servers to extract features. In the current scenario, the user may only be interested in the best result with some specific constraints. The constraint may define to the domain of search or importance of relevant pages. Here, we consider important or useful pages for particular user in searching environment. Experimental results show that the proposed framework is working properly for different domain.

Abstract: Pressure swing adsorption PSA is a well-established technique for separation of components from air, which is commonly known as Air Separation Unit ASU , drying of gas and nitrogen and hydrogen purification separation and etc. In PSA processes, the most important is adsorbent material depending upon its properties. Generally, ASU is difficult to operate due to high degree of energy integration into itself. This research article represents the separation of nitrogen from air. As separation of nitrogen is a very important in the field of chemical engineering as it has wide applications in the various process industries.

This article mainly focusses on the separation of nitrogen using PSA unit only. The response pattern suggest that the flowrates of nitrogen and other gases follows quadratic equation. The significance of the coefficients of the equation and the adequacy of the fit were determined using Student-t test and Fischer F-test respectively. The final flowrates obtained are interchanged in order to obtain the maximum conditions, except for nitrogen production other production rates remain the same.

Abstract: Nowadays The disease prediction by the using the machine learning has become very common. With the end goal to accomplish a compelling method to distinguish skin disease at a beginning period without playing out any pointless skin biopsies, advanced pictures of melanoma skin injuries have been explored. In this paper, distinctive computerized pictures have been investigated dependent on unsupervised division strategies. After this, a complete dialog has been investigated dependent on the outcomes. Melanoma spreads through metastasis, and along these lines it has been turned out to be exceptionally deadly.

Feature that excess prologue to radiations from the sun dynamically disintegrate melanin in the skin. Likewise, such radiations invade into the skin thusly pulverizing the melanocyte cells. Melanomas are uneven and have sporadic edges, indented edges, and shading assortments, so examining the shape, shading, and surface of the skin sore is basic for melanoma early acknowledgment. In this work, the fragments of an advantageous steady non-invasive skin sore examination structure to help the melanoma abhorrence and early disclosure are proposed.

The initial segment is a constant caution to help customers with anticipating skin duplicate caused by sunshine; a novel condition to enroll the perfect open door for skin to duplicate is along these lines introduced. The second part is an automated picture examination including picture obtainment, hair area and dismissal, damage division, feature extraction, and plan. The framework has been created in a propelled application in Matlab. The preliminary outcomes show that the proposed structure is compelling, achieving high plan correctness. QM pillar is a critical activity of the TPM approach which expects to delight the customer through zero defect manufacturing.

TPM that is effectively implemented increases the production efficiency with an ultimate aim of achieving zero losses, zero breakdown and zero defects. The main aim of QM pillar is to eliminate the non- conformances in a methodical way and maintain the equipment for high quality products. Activities involved with QM pillar was able to decrease the customer complaints and regulatory complaints to zero. Abstract: Text mining for social media has now become decisive tool for marketing, and many businesses understand the supremacy of embracing technology into their marketing campaigns.

There is no reservation that use of user generated texts has stimulated the companies to identify them and use it for decision making, however, classifying sentiment analysis through these texts is still a fresh sensation. Online retail companies in UAE are an early adopter of social media, but how do they use text mining techniques is still a matter to wary upon.

The study proposes a model to collect reviews from multiple sources and identify sentiments and topics simultaneously. The model is the tested on 3 online retail companies in UAE and the results depicts productive outcomes. Abstract: Mobile Wireless Sensor Network is a encompassing of spatially conveyed self declaration frames works with a correspondence for examining and recording circumstances at conflicting areas. Mobility based wireless sensor network includes thousands of mobile sensor nodes in the heterogeneous network, wherever each sensor nodes is associated with sensor node head.

Mobility based wireless sensor network is arising and appealing exploration region in which a few applications, for example, human services, agribusiness, and military are making utilization of it. Energy proficiency is a standout amongst the most critical problem in mobility based wireless sensor network.

Clustering authorize high accessibility, overhead and parallel processing. A tactic is used in heterogeneous moveable sensor network is clustering to reduce the energy exploitation and boosts the duration of network. Clustering approach weaken mobility stream, restrict energy exploitation, develop remaining energy and increase the duration of the heterogeneous sensor network mobile sensor network. This article assimilates exploration of unusual energy productive clustering protocols in mobility based wireless sensor network.

Abstract: With an increase in the population and demand for elevators in high-rise buildings, there is a need for installing more number of elevators to transport passengers efficiently. The paper presents a survey of different techniques used to schedule and dispatch elevators in EGCS. The research study focuses on the dynamic scheduling of elevators for all up and down landing calls that aims to overcome the limitations and weaknesses of the existing works.

The main aim of the research work is to reduce the waiting time of passengers for a car call on a specific floor and save power consumption of the elevators or lifts. Fuzzy algorithms, neural network algorithms, and genetic algorithms are the primary methods used to dispatch elevators in the control system. The study compares experimental results generated by various methods. Abstract: In this study a three phase hybrid composite is fabricated comprising of graphene and carbon nanotube CNT nano-fillers reinforced in epoxy resin.

The filler contents were maintained 0 and 1 wt. Effect of filler ratio on dispersion and tensile properties of hybrid composite mixture are investigated. The best dispersion is observed for graphene: CNT content indicating good bonding between both the fillers and epoxy matrix. The maximum tensile strength of Analysis of PSD of composite mixture provides a direction for selecting appropriate filler content and fabrication process.

The reaction progress and compositions of elements were analyzed as a function of microstructure. The presence of functionalized filler and formation of copolymerization of polymer was confirming with the help of the EDX spectra of the hybrid composite. Hybrid composite confirmed the presence of Carbon, Chlorine, Silicon and other elements. Variation in the ratio of elements present in pristine and hybrid epoxy composite confirms the occurrence of chemical reaction during processing of composite sample. The detailed results will be presented and discussed.

Abstract: The uniform noise distribution over the image is assumed in most of the filtering techniques. The resulting filtering technique becomes problematic when noise not uniformly distributed. Magnetic Resonance images with spatially varying noise levels were produced by Sensitivity-encoded, intensity inhomogeneity and surface coil based acquisition techniques. To adapt these spatial variations in noise levels, we propose a new Adaptive Blockwise approached NL-Means Filter where denoising capability of filter is adjusted based on the local image noise level. Image Noise levels are spontaneously acquired from the MR images using a proposed new adaptive technique.

The proposed Multiresolution filter adapts the filtering parameters automatically based on image space-frequency resolution. The outcome of the stated multiresolution Adaptive Blockwise Non-Local Means Filter shows better performance in considering the non uniform noise when compared to Rician NL-means filters where the noise parameters has to be specified initially. Abstract: Service level agreement SLA is a key to attract the user to opt service from the cloud.

If SLA violation rate is high then it directly affect to cost and user distraction. In this paper, we have done state-of-art survey on various SLA-aware resource management frameworks and obtain the different objective function and the utilization percentage from year to The execution time, cost and SLA violation rate, objective functions computed for this framework and compare with two existing frameworks. The framework is implements in cloudsim toolkit and the results recorded the utmost performance.

The experimental results confirm that cost, execution time, and resource cost are increasing while SLA violation rate is increasing. Abstract: The capability of a convectional heat exchanger HE in transferring heat requires improvement for conveying a considerable proportion of energy at cheaper rate and amount. For augmenting the heat transfer coefficient, different means have been employed. However, the use of inserts has become an assured method in enhancing heat transfer through endurable escalation of frictional losses.

The objective of the study is the examination of a round pipe fitted along with multiple inserts with regard to its characteristics related to energy transfer and water flow; these inserts are organized in clockwise and anticlockwise attitudes. Abstract: For the improvement of coverage and services of quality, Femtocells play important role in heterogenous Networks in LTE-A networks.

Femtocells are used to provide good indoor voice, increase network capacity and high data coverage in LTE-A. Throughput is increased while Cross-Tier interference can be decreased using Femtocell in any Networks. In this paper, we also show experiment results obtain by a simulation framework which shows how Femtocells can increase the throughput and reduce the interference. Abstract: In the present work an algorithm is presented for the parameterization of unorganized point cloud data such that a smooth B-spline surface can be fitted.

Points belonging to various surfaces and edges are identified during segmentation. Further edges bounding to segmented region are represented by curves. In the present work initially B-spline curves are constructed with C1 smoothness by interpolating the measured points lying on the edges. For each segmented region four such curves named as boundary curves are constructed to enclose it.

Using these boundary curves Coons surface is constructed which serves as base surface for each segmented region. Each Coons surface is divided into grids and for each measured point the nearest grid vertex is found out. The parameters of this vertex are used as the parameters of the measured point. Finally, an algorithm using an iterative approach is given to further improve the parameterization. Abstract: This paper presents the mathematical modeling of ten degree of freedom of manipulator. Forward and inverse kinematics obtained for the manipulator of lower body of humanoid robot.

Static forces on the joint calculated for the joint to hold the particular position of the lower body. Dynamics torque obtained by applying the principles of Lagrangian dynamics. A nonlinear feedback measured from the output end to control the movement of leg. A computed control torque approach has been used to avoid the oscillation of the system. Several experiment done of the mat lab to verify the analytical and simulation result.

Abstract: Today the Internet has turned out to be omnipresent, has touched every edge of the globe, and is influencing human life in incredible ways. We are entering a time of the IoT. Internet of Things enables the appliances to communicate and perform their activities based on network activity. Today, a PC is substantially less helpful without an association of internet; tomorrow, that will be the situation with apparatuses like a fridge. To put it plainly, these apparatuses should convey to one another.

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Sensors in the perception layer gather the information from the sources. This information will be transmitted through the system layers over the web to the cloud. Today IoT deals with huge amount of data. This information may be exceptionally touchy and their protection and security must not be endangered. Here comes the requirement for security algorithms to protect the information.

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In this paper, we provide a hybrid approach of security algorithms AES along with RSA to secure the data in network layer. Abstract: A novel miniaturized configuration of a different U-slotted micro-strip radio wire is outlined in view of focus recurrence about 4. The suggested radio wire might meet the interest from claiming WiMax and wideband requisitions. The way parameters like return loss, VSWR, gain, directivity would simulated, broke down and optimized utilizing high back structure test system.

Those Outcomes indicate that the Inclination offers Inclination of the recommended radio wire could make incredibly progressed contrasted with customary micro-strip patavium antennas. Agriculture sector is facing challenges to get integrated with the business sector and to getting timely and convenient information to increase the productivity. Agricultural mechanization helps to overcome this problem. Agricultural mechanization has been accepted as an important element of modernization of agriculture by the world. Hence this article focused on the ways to address the contemporary issues for sustainability of AEMC.

In this article quantitative research has been carried out and a thorough literature review has been carried out through scholarly Scopus Indexed journals to identify the factors for sustainability of AEMC for the purpose of conducting pilot study. Survey questionnaire was developed and validated based on the feedback given by the entrepreneurs, academicians, subject experts and industry experts. A total population of numbers of AEMC has been identified through agricultural department websites, trade websites and agricultural events in the state of Karnataka.

Census method of sampling has been adopted and the sample was categorised based on their manufacturing activity such as Equipment and implements, Irrigation, Farm Machineries and Processing Machineries. The primary data has been collected through face to face interview, telephonic interview and Google spreadsheet. The data reliability and validity has been analysed through Cronbach alpha value of 0. The obtained Goodness of fit statistics values are well within the acceptable limit.

The output of this research is recommended to implement in AEMC such as farm equipment, machineries and irrigation equipment manufacturing companies. As per the research finding, it is recommended to concentrate on the unmet customer need so as to increase the market share and sustain business. Department restructuring enable the entrepreneurs to adopt the new technology as well as meet the growing needs of the customers. Adoption of technological forecasting helps the entrepreneurs to sense the future requirement of the market and be equipped to face the competition.

It is suggested to the entrepreneurs to participate in the national and international trade fairs and exhibitions to secure maximum market share to attain sustainability. Abstract: Data storing, and retrieving is the most important task in the current situation. Storing can be done based on the topic that the document describes. To know the topics, we have to classify the documents, to classify we are using topic modeling. In this paper we proposed probabilistic recurrent neural network PRORNN gives the most prominent result in the classification.

As recurrent neural network fails to remember large dependencies, we are using topic modeling merged with probabilistic recurrent neural network which is called PRORNN. Thus, it gives most accurate classification as the result. In this paper we take the 20 news groups data set in that we take documents and we can labeled to two topics. Abstract: The World Wide Web is huge repository and it is growing exponentially.

It contains vast amount of information which is growing and updating rapidly. Various organizations, institutes, government agencies and service centers update their information regularly. The World Wide Web provides its services to the varieties of web users. Web users may have different interests, needs and backgrounds. Clustering is one of the most important tasks in the active areas of Web Usage Knowledge Discovery.

It assures to handle the difficulty of information overload on the Internet while many users are connected on the social media. Clustering is utilized for grouping information into comparative access design for discovering client interest. There are two drawbacks of FCM algorithm, firstly the requirements of no. Due to these two drawbacks the FCM algorithm is hard to decide about the suitable no. The determination of desirable preliminary cluster is an important problem, therefore a new technique called PDFCM algorithm is described.

Abstract: In our day-to-day life people use many electronic gadgets to control things around, which in turn those things communicate with other things around and get the requested work done, this is Internet of Things. As there would be enormous amount of data generated by Internet of Things why not we store it in cloud? Here, in this paper, we discuss how to secure data for cloud integrated Internet of Things.

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In two main steps we can ensure the data cannot be tampered. The data can only be decrypted when the secret key is correctly produced. The second way uses threshold cryptography where secret key is further encrypted by RSA and then generated key is divided internally and giving to a group of users. Shared key can be produced only if all the authorized users come together.

Because in the initial stage symptoms of the diseases are vague so the medical practitioners often fail to detect the disease. We have compared the results of both the algorithm on the different parameter for both the imbalanced and balanced datasets. We can conclude that the proposed system gives the improve result on balance dataset on most of the parameter.

Proposed system helps the healthcare practitioners in diagnosing the liver disease efficiently at the early stage. Abstract: MANET is a self-configured network of devices in wireless linked network, in an arbitrary topology. The connectivity is established by operating system hosted on participating nodes. Routing algorithm establishes routes and forwarding information as packets to and from source to sink station. Many routing techniques attempt to achieve optimal performance, however modifications are still required in existing routing protocols to improve the performance of MANET.

There exist some predominant anomalies in Mobile Ad-hoc Network in terms of above performance metrics. Anomalies in MANET arise due to various environmental factors like variation in number of connections among participating nodes, mobility of nodes, pause time of node, rate of data packet forwarded by nodes and total density of nodes, adversely affecting its performance. In order to overcome some predominant anomalies, in this research a systematic approach has been used to develop an intelligent system model, which controls the performance adaptively.

The purpose is to build a multivariate model for tumour classification with genetic algorithm. The multivariate models were constructed using nearest centroid, k-nearest neighbours, support vector machine, maximum likelihood discriminant functions, neural networks and random forest classifiers combined with genetic algorithm applied to the colon cancer publicly available dataset. It has been observed from the experimental analysis that Maximum Likelihood Discriminant Functions MLHD performs better and accuracy has been further been improved by using most frequent genes using the forward selection method.

Also, maximum likelihood discriminant functions are cost effective and faster than neural networks NNET , nearest centroid Nearcent and random forest RF. Thus, the experiments show that classification accuracy is affected with the selection of genes that contributes to the accuracy of the model. It will remove the irrelevant genes thus will reduce the size and make the algorithm fast. Abstract: This exploration is conceded to reveal the outcome of machining factors such as cutting velocity, depth of cut and feed rate on the mean cutting force and the cutting power on turning AISI cylindrical steel alloy components.

The experiments are planned based on the 33 full factorial design and conducted on an All Geared Lathe with TiN coated cutting tool insert of 0. A mathematical expression representing mean cutting force and cutting power is created by means of non-linear regression examination. The outcome of each machining factors on the mean cutting force and the cutting power is studied and presented accordingly.

Abstract: Translucent concrete permits the daylight specifically to go starting with one of its end then onto the next end. This is to be finished by embedding plastic optical filaments in concrete which is chiefly utilized for correspondence reason and the optical strands take a shot at the premise of Nano optics; in this paper cost examination on execution of translucent concrete in room translucent concrete room is talked about.

The examination depends on the estimations and analyses, computations are done on the suppositions that plastic optical filaments of 2mm width are utilized in the room having specific measurements. By using these plastic optical filaments in concrete was checked for the expense as well as checked for the light force going crosswise over casted concrete blocks. Lux meter was utilized for estimating power of light and sizes of mm x mm mm sq.

By utilizing translucent concrete in room won't just keep up the quality of the room yet will likewise enable the light to go into the room bringing about immense measure of vitality sparing and giving different advantages of daylight. Base on the presumptions of utilizing these casted cuboids in the room the last expense of the room was determined and was contrasted with the expense of regular room and last outcomes rely upon the measure of vitality that gets spared by utilizing translucent concrete in room and different advantages of utilizing translucent concrete in room and it was found to be economical and energy efficient source to utilize translucent concrete in rooms or buildings.

Keywords: Translucent solid, plastic optical filaments, lux meter, daylight, vitality sparing, concrete samples, translucent concrete room. Abstract: Telecommunication Tower has been built for giving the wide coverage on UHF for communication devices. The radiation power from the tower gives awareness that radiation by the cellular tower might affect the human health. Hence, this contribution leads to invention of EMF Meter exists specifically focus on power radiation which is known as RF power meter.

This gives the innovative opportunity of Radio Energy harvesting application on RF power meter. By combining both technologies, the RF power meter could detect the power radiation while harvesting RF energy at the same time. The solution provide on having devices able to power up with less consumption on power supply.

The RF power meter able to achieve Abstract: Software Testing Effort STE plays a big role in code development method that highly contributes in complete development effort. In this paper, a MODA aided Pattern based re-engineering PBRE model has been proposed for the selection of desirable number of projects with their respective features from within company and cross-company projects. We subjected the selected projects and features to train an ELM model for estimating STE using the k-fold cross validation approach. Outcomes shows that the anticipated model for estimating STE from cross-company projects and within-company projects yielded similar results to actual effort.

Abstract: This research work is conducted inorder to find the best practicable turning factors to achieve enhanced surface quality cylindrical AISI steel components under microlubrication condition. The surface roughness of the turned steel alloy components is deliberated by means of a precise surface roughness apparatus. A prediction model in lieu of average surface roughness and mean cutting force is created by means of nonlinear regression examination with the aid of MINITAB software. Abstract: Social media is growing as a communication medium where people can express their feelings online and opinions on a variety of topics in ways they rarely do in person.

Detecting sentiments in texts have gained a considerable amount of attention in the last few years. Thus, the terms sentiment analysis have taken their own path to become essential elements of computational linguistics and text analytics. In recent years, in India, opinions are expressed using multi-lingual words. This has become a new challenge in the area of sentiment analysis. Machine learning techniques, such as neural networks, have proven success in this task; however, there is room to advance to higher-accuracy networks.

In this investigation U. English, Hindi dialects and datasets like twitter sentiment corpus, transliteration pairs, English word- frequency list, Hindi word-frequency list and various public opinion datasets are used. The proposed network can achieve the highest known accuracy of Abstract: In data analysis, signal processing plays a prominent role since the received sunspot data continuously fluctuates.

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Sunspot number data is corrupted with Gaussian noise and for statistical analysis; the noise needs to be filtered using wavelet transform. Traditional methods, Fourier transform and Kalman filter has limitations when analyzing the sunspot number data. A Wavelet transform is a promising tool that provides the time-frequency representation of the data. Daily sunspot number data from to is analyzed using Daubechies wavelet transform. Daubechies wavelet transform provides flexibility and is used for wide ranges of data using different denoising techniques such as Rigrsure, Sqtwolog, Heursure, Minimaxi thresholding methods.

Results showed Sqtwolog Universal or global threshold and Heursure gave the better- denoised results compared with the other two denoising threshold methods for the sunspot number data. Abstract: The objective of this paper is to analyze the existing instrument workflow of CSSD [Central Sterile Supply Department] and to suggest the optimized workflow solutions for the hospital. We need to study about CSSD and what are the various activities which takes placethere along with the timings they required for each activity.

By knowing those, we need to find out the critical and non-critical activities to create a map. In detail, we will study about each area how the instruments are moving, and how much time it consumes. For that we need to create an existing workflow with the lean tool called VSM [Value Stream Mapping] and in that pick out the critical and non—critical activities.

We can remove the non—critical activities and create a new workflow. With this solution, we can propose a new workflow of Instruments with the minimized critical activity and time period for the activities which takes place in CSSD of the hospital sector. Abstract: Seismogenic disturbances are unpredictable hard knocks and are inevitable in nature. Earthquakes are one of the major seismic disturbances that are generated due to the sudden movement of the tectonic plates resulting in great loss to humanity.

Seismic signals thus generated travel through the earth layers and are highly combined with locally generated noise. The noise thus associated with seismic signals can be eliminated using FIR based band pass filter. In this paper an attempt is made to apply Maximum Entropy Method for deriving the frequency components of the seismic signals, for which the power spectrum of the seismic signals is analyzed.

Abstract: What: E-procurement provides chances for enhancing the traditional procurement approaches of the construction industry. Both suppliers and buyers in the supply chain utilize e-procurement methods as these help in the processes through providing opportunities for better communication and coordination. E-procurement expands the marketplace for all parties, which take part in the process. With e-procurement, the buyer gains the strategic advantage of i. In contrast to the globalization of procurement in many of the production sectors, research indicates that the advancement of e-procurement in the construction industry is slow and mostly occurs at the national level.

This current situation is mainly caused by the barriers to e-procurement that appear from both supplier and buyer sides. How: This paper explores the barriers to e-procurement in relation to the Construction Industry based on the data gathered from Turkey. The study involves an extensive literature review and a web-based questionnaire survey and interviews to determine the key barriers to e-procurement in the construction industry.

Why: The findings indicated that the construction business organizations still seem to have not benefited from most values of e-procurement. The results of the study indicated the lack of trust between the parties and inadequacy of legal infrastructure as the most critical barriers.

Another key barrier appears as the fear of unauthorized access to the critical project information. Efforts towards enhancing the security such as implementation of blockchain technologies and development of the legal infrastructure supporting these technologies can a key step towards overcoming key barriers to e-procurement. Abstract: In recent times Transient stability analysis has become a major concern in the operation of power systems due to the rising stress on power system networks.

Many different techniques have been projected for transient stability analysis in power systems, especially for a multi machine system. This paper describes simulation of six phase multi-machine power system MMPS with wind power generator integration in dynamic operation. The MMPS performance is analysed by placing six phase line between different buses. The replacement of transmission line can reduces the line impedances, which results in reduced angle distortion of machines and improved stability. Abstract: Privacy preserving is an emerging concern in the field of data mining. The Randomization technique protects privacy with loss of accuracy.

The secure multi-party computation increases the accuracy and conserves privacy but the computational complexity is more. The encryption of data using cryptography makes the data secure without loss of accuracy and reduces the communication complexity. The proposed technique is privacy preserving decision tree algorithm using cryptographic approach. The data miner collects frequencies and combined frequencies from the users and learns the classification rules from the decision tree. The data miner learns only frequencies of the sensitive data.

The experimental result shows that proposed privacy preserving decision tree algorithm is computationally efficient and the accuracy is more than the randomization models. The communication complexity is less compared with the secure multi-party computation models. Abstract: This present work deals with a reversible Vedic type multiplier using the earliest Urdhva Tiryagbhyam sutras of Vedic type mathematics combine with the QSD adder Quaternary Signed digit number adder.

There are three activities be intrinsic into duplication halfway items age, fractional items decrease and expansion. Quick snake design in this way enormously upgrades the speed of the general procedure. A pass on free math errand be able to be cultivated use a top radix number formation, for instance, QSD adder. In QSD, each one number can be address by a digit as of - 3 to 3.

Pass on complimentary development as well as distinctive exercises on incalculable, for instance, 64, , or more can be executed with consistent deferment and less multifaceted nature. The proposed multiplier configuration is contrasted and a reversible Vedic multiplier consolidates a QSD Quaternary Signed digit number adder viper among a transformation section for quaternary to paired change. The proposition demonstrates a most extreme speed enhancement. The parameters advanced are axle speed SS - , and rpm , feed rate FR - 0.

It is performed with the assistance of established carbide contort drills. Out of three factors considered point edge has huge impact on reactions as contrast with other parameters. Keywords: Drilling, Lubrications, Ranking Algorithm. Abstract: Health care is the maintenance of health via the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

The disease that persists over a long period of time is known as Chronic Disease. Chronic diseases may create additional activity restrictions. Common chronic conditions include lung disease, heart stroke, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. Chronic diseases usually show no symptoms and hence not diagnosed in advance. Hence it is necessary to predict the patient-specific chronic diseases in early stage for effective prevention.

Machine learning being the vital component of Data Analytics that facilitates the medical domain for malignancy predictions. Patients suffering from misdiagnosed and undiagnosed chronic diseases can be easily recognized with the help of these hospital systems. These systems enable the doctors to take precautionary measures and thereby minimizing the chances of a patient being affected.

As most of the real datasets are high-dimensional, this hybrid framework uses K-Means clustering algorithm that eliminates the noise from the image based dataset at the initial stage. Afterward to reduce the dimensionality it detects the features of nodules in 3D lung CT scans and partitions the data to form the clusters. Finally it reads the new patient data with malignant nodules to predict the type of associated cancer based on the intensity of the nodule features extracted from each CT scan report using Multiple Linear Regression Analysis.

Clustering prior to classification makes the hybrid approach beneficial. Abstract: Hydraulic jump is frequently used for dissipation excess energy downstream of hydraulic structure. This abundance energy, whenever left unchecked, will have unfavorable impact on the banks and downstream of the channel bed. In this paper hydraulic jump characteristics are experimentally evaluated and empirical correlations for depth ratio and relative height are produced in sloping channel by adopting the impact of both strategy Froude number and approaching Reynolds number and neglecting the frictional effect.

The developed empirical correlations are validated using Gandhi data. The present correlation of jump characteristics gives better agreement with experimental data and can be used for preliminary design. Keywords: hydraulic jump, Froude number, Reynolds number, energy dissipation etc. Abstract: A novel method for Electroencephalography EEG based emotion analysis using Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix1 GLCM features contrast, correlation, energy, and homogeneity has been discussed with peripheral physiological signals.

The proposed novel method discussed the effect of distances, and direction on GLCM features for different emotions. This paper concluded that GLCM features are an effective measure to discriminate the emotions and give significant knowledge for each emotion. The proposed novel methodology can be used as a tool for emotion analysis and it can also be useful for observing brain lobe variation globally. Abstract: Aging society leads to more demands on health care system. The study shows that cardiovascular diseases are the most common and threatening diseases to the elderly.

Moreover, more and more elderly live alone recently. Therefore, a total solution for elderly home care leads the way. In this study, we develop smart clothes to record three lead electrocardiography ECG. Our system consists of 1 the conductive fiber clothes with four electrodes to acquire physiological signals, 2 a gateway to digitize, process and upload raw data to the server, and 3 the service server to analyze data and make a health profile. The system had been applied to the elderly community to evaluate performance.

The experiment results show the average accuracy of ECG data is Abstract: Brain is one of the most important organs in the human body. The working of this organ decides the human being work and his life to success. In order to lead the good life, one should have the brain and its related parts under good condition, i. The presence of cyst in the brain is one of the important issues to be considered and identification of such cyst in good time is very important for the health of a human being. If the cyst is not identified in appropriate times, the brain will be suffered with serious issues and it may lead to the loss of the human being.

A new algorithm was also proposed to find the presence of cyst in the brain with more accurate performance. The performance of the current model was verified with two sets of scan images and the results are displayed in the result section. Abstract: Dynamic analysis of proposed single switch ac-dc buck-boost buck converter is presented in this paper. The proposed converter is an integrated converter contains two inductors, one is at input side and other one is at output side. To achieve unity power factor at input terminals, the input inductor is designed for discontinuous mode DCM.

This condition will eliminate extra control technique for power factor correction PFC. The output side inductor is operated in DCM to reduce the bus capacitor voltage, thereby reducing the capacitance size. A PI controller is designed to regulate the pulses for the converter. The analysis has been done for three different cases variable frequency, variable input and variable load to verify the converter performance.

Abstract: Affix-free codes are widely used in multimedia communications because of its error tolerance capbility. In literature, there are many construction algorithms available for RVLCs. But unlike Variable Length Codes VLCs , RVLCs lack in the area of its mathematical development in the form of lower bound or upper bound on average codeword length, bounds on existence, and related Theorems. Only few mathematicians have done some work on this.

In , Richa and Radhika have proposed and discussed the necessary and sufficient condition on the number of codewords for a particular bit length vector required for the existence of symmetrical RVLCs. This paper is an extension of the earlier published paper on the similar ground, but for asymmetrical RVLCs. This paper derives and discusses necessary and sufficient condition, on bit length vector the number of codewords for a particular length , required for the existence of asymmetrical RVLCs over the given D-ary code alphabet. Abstract: The expanding unpredictability of designing cellular networks recommends that machine learning ML can successfully enhance 5G advances.

Machine learning has proven successful a performance that scales with the measure of accessible data. The absence of vast datasets restrains the twist of machine learning applications in remote interchanges. The transmission state is thought to be a component of the highlights of a channel situation like the obstruction and noise, the relative motion between the transmitter and the receiver and this capacity is acquired by the machine learning strategy. The preparation dataset is produced by recreations on the channel condition. This research work test if machine learning methods can predict the transmission states with a high accuracy compared to conventional approaches.

Abstract: Early detection of liver disease plays a major role in efficient diagnosis the disease. It significantly increases the chance of effective treatment. The liver is one of the largest organs in the human body. It plays an important role in digestion, as detoxifying chemicals in the digestion process. A dreadful fact of liver disease is that, the liver maintains a normal functionality even after partially damage. The major challenge in liver disease is to find the hidden patterns of liver disorder.

The proposed approach analysis the patterns on the selected features using association rule mining ARM technique. The proposed approach selected the essential features from ILPD and ARM is applied to find the association among attributes to detect pattern. Processor can be relieved from this overload by introducing separate hardware as NIC. A hierarchical topology for NoC is considered in this research article.

In hierarchical topology, each router can connect to eight nodes IP of same hierarchy and to a router in next hierarchy. Each node is connected to router port with NIC. The fixed address based routing is implemented in the NOC. The network packet switching based transactions among various nodes is assumed. The implementation of NIC design with options for different IPs considering existing bus based interfaces is attempted in this work. Abstract: A novel smart technology has been introduced in the demand side management which can be used in real time i. This electric spring provides voltage, power stability and found to be useful in maintaining the voltage supply in spite of the fluctuations caused by the intermediate nature of renewable energy sources and implemented in conjunction with non-critical loads and critical loads like electric heaters, refrigerators, laptops, building security systems.

To get better power factor correction, voltage support, power balance in loads, using the properties of PLL through single phase d-q transformation scheme is developed. In order to improve power-factor and voltage stability, fuzzy control scheme is proposed in this paper. By using Fuzzification control scheme, power factor at loads, voltage stability of the system can be achieved. The integration of electric spring in sequence to non-critical loads forms a smart load.

Thereby alteration of active power and reactive power is done automatically near non-critical loads. Simulation results are carried out for ES based on PLL control by using fuzzy logic controller and their results are analyzed. Abstract: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD is considered as one of the greatest life-threatening syndromes worldwide, and it is estimated that over million are afflicted with the disease. The objective of this study is to design and develop a spirometer which is functionally as well as cost effective. The proposed spirometer has four main components — spirometer body, Circuitry, Computer and Software.

The spirometer body includes a differential pressure sensor and a pilot tube through which the patient blows. The output is transmitted to the microcontroller. The analog to digital convertor within the microcontroller is employed for the conversion. Then the pressure difference output from the pressure sensor is converted into mass flow rate which is subsequently converted into volume. The microcontroller relays this data via a Universal Serial Bus USB connection to a computer which transmits this to the JavaScript based graphical user interface. This interface is used to display the flow and volume data in real-time.

Then this experiment has proceeded further with this study by testing it on people. A spirometric test was conducted on 20 individuals of different ages, heights and gender. Their test results were tabulated and inferences on their breathing condition were drawn accordingly. The results show that lung capacity decreases with age. Although the current design is not able to meet clinical accuracy, with professional manufacturing, such a design could yield a device capable of meeting clinical accuracy without a significant increase in price. Abstract: Emails are the most popular form of communication in the space of cyber communications.

In the recent past, many of the instances were observed, where the mode of communication were shifted to instance communication methods such as instance messages or video-based services for interaction. Nevertheless, for a detailed communication, there is no replacement of email communications. A number of surveys have reported that the amount of emails exchanged daily ranges between to million every day including the personal, business or promotional emails. Considering such a massive space for information exchange, it is regardless to mention that this space becomes the target for information misuses.

One of the biggest threat to the email collaboration is spam emails containing unsolicited information or many of the cases asking for critical information of the recipients. Most of the email service providers helps the users by incorporating a spam filtering process to prevent spamming in the email servers. Nonetheless, due to the critical nature of language used in communication makes the spam detection highly difficult.

The fundamental strategies followed by most of the filters are to detect the spam emails based on specified key words. Regardless to mention, that in different domains of business or studies, some of the keywords carry different significance and cannot be blacklisted. Also, the inappropriate detection of the email as spam may lead to severe information loss.

A good amount of research attempts is made in the recent past to build a framework for detection of spams as perfect as possible. However, due to the mentioned restriction the bottleneck still persists in between email filtration and detection of spam accuracy. Thus, this work proposes a novel automatic framework for detecting the spam emails on a wide range of domains.

The obtained accuracy is significantly high for this framework due to the multiple layered approach adapted. The framework deploys classification of the emails in various domains and further applies the keyword-based filtration process with analysis of term frequency along with identification of the nature of the sender for confirmation of the process resulting into progressive classification in order to make the world of email communication highly secure and satisfiable.

Abstract: Under water vehicles with electrical propulsion such as underwater autonomous vehicles are designed to propel with high energy batteries. These batteries are the main source of power to motor and other electronic subsystems. Temperature of the batteries is one of the critical parameter that gives the information about the health of the battery and whether the battery is able to deliver the required power to other subsystems. In case of any abnormality such as battery short circuit or other reasons, the temperature of the battery may shoot up to the alarm levels at various places of the battery and other sub sections near to the battery because the temperature is transferred from battery to the nearby shell and other subsystems.

For this application, Multi-channel temperature controller is designed, verified and tested in the battery assembly. The proposed system can monitor and control up to the 32 temperature channels by integrating thermistors in the complete test set-up and it is designed in such a way that the battery is disconnected from the other subsystems in case of any abnormality or temperature is increased beyond the safety limit. In this paper, design, calibration and integration and testing of multi-channel Temperature controller using FPGA with thermistors is discussed and the system has internal memory and it can store the temperature at various channels in flash memory so that the system is well suited for not only self-controlled underwater vehicles but also thermal engine based systems.

The system can also monitor and control the temperature in harsh environment even also in industrial applications. Abstract: The conversion of solar energy into thermal and electrical form is possible is possible by the using photovoltaic modules and solar collectors. Present work deals with the performance evaluation of solar power based air heater fabricated using polypropylene PPR pipes foiled with aluminium.

The use of PPR polymer results in the reduction of total initial cost of fabrication. The working fluid, which was air, is introduced into the collector system made of polypropylene pipes and were the fluid air is heated by using solar energy. The outer surface of the PPR pipes were paint in black color to maximize the absorption of incoming solar radiation. The air absorbs the entrapped heat of the pipe and the heated air was comes out of the system.

Further, to minimize heat losses from the front collector, glass is used as a top cover.

The change in temperature of the fluid with respect to time was observed. The effectual inlet load of fluid air on the performance of solar heater was investigated by varying the mass flow rate MFR of the fluid air. Abstract: Subjective radio system is a main correspondence organize which makes a long range correspondence in a minimal effort and it is a quickest remote system. Usage of unused range band of essential client by optional client. Because of expanding more number of optional clients at that point naturally emerging shot for the impact of the two signs.

The impedance is the principle issue in the intellectual radio system because of movement and various correspondence. To diminish obstruction numerous methodologies and calculations are proposed. Yet at the same time it stays unsolved. To decrease the obstruction besides we proposed a bar structure i. The bar will assist correspondence with being solid and limit the impedance with different bars.

Abstract: Cognitive Radio CR is a promising technology in the wireless communication system for resolving the resource utilization problems and spectral clogging problems in the spectrum based applications. It aims to enhance spectrum sharing scheme in Multiple-input multiple-output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing MIMO-OFDM to enable with next generation systems. Efficient utilization of Spectrum sensing and computational complexity is still an unsolved issue in the ultra-wide band UWB radio spectrum. Generally, conventional methods include spectrum sensing to identify the primary users and spectrum usage, which helps to make data transmission possible from secondary users.

However, they obtain poor throughput, higher transmission power and longer sensing time. In order to resolve this issue, we propose novel hybrid access optimization scheme with energy detector model for achieving the significant compressive spectrum sensing in the MIMO-OFDM, which is based on cognitive ratio network CRN. Hence, the proposed system achieves higher accuracy in detecting the false probability, energy detection, optimal sensing time, and higher throughput than efficient compressive sensing method.

Abstract: In wireless ad hoc network, increased lifetime, reliability and energy efficiency is main concern. RMER technique is the point of reference in understanding Energy Efficiency of the RMECR algorithm determines the routes which are required low energy consumption while transmitting packets without considering the battery energy left of the nodes. Abstract: One of the fast upcoming data mining disciplines that deal with large, unstructured complex data is Big data analysis.

Web usage mining is a primary area of research that has been focusing on the valuable information derived from web server logs. Not having any explicit ratings of the users, the large data volume and its sparse nature have been posing challenges to the techniques of collaborative filtering with respect to performance and scalability. Techniques like clustering are dependent on the discovery of offline patterns from the user transactions and are used to improve scalability in terms of collaborative filtering but at reduced cost and recommendation accuracy.

Abstract: Future trends are being estimated with the help of tools in data mining which allows the making of decisions to be data driven and analyze them carefully with the corresponding tools. In various fields of mining the most important practice of mining of data is the Associate-rule mining. Major issue in any of the techniques being the generation of the frequent data-item sets which has to be solved efficiently.

Many outsets of the problem yet to be fully implemented such as large clusters solving and distribution along with parallelization automatic etc. Many of these issues can be solved with the implementation of Framework of MapReduce on Improved Apriori algorithm. Lessening of time due to parallel executions can be achieved with the help of this.

This procedure considerably decreases the time of execution and also a significant rise in efficiency is observed. All the specimens were exposed to elevated temperature as per standard fire curve following ISO After heating the specimens are cooled by natural air prior to impact strength test. The tests are conducted as per ACI committee Test result reveals that addition of fiber enhances the impact strength of concrete specimens.

Concrete with Carbon fiber and Basalt fiber exhibits better performance than concrete with other fibers. In unheated condition Carbon fiber shows 5. For 90 minutes of heat exposure, all FRCs except concrete with Aramid fiber shows 2 times better impact resistance than that of reference specimen.

Abstract: Addition of Graphene in the matrix improves the mechanical properties, which makes it potentially good reinforcement in polymer composites. Graphene possess unique mechanical properties, which makes it attractive filler for producing multi-functional composites for a wide range of applications. It is an overview on the state of the art of graphene, including material synthesis and characterization.

It helps in identifying its influence on the multi-functional and mechanical properties of the composites. It is found that mechanical properties are improved tensile strength, flexural strength and heat distortion temperature of the glass epoxy laminated composite when the small amount of grapheme added to the epoxy matrix material.

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Abstract: This paper analyses the warranty claims data to identify faulty parts contributing to increasing failure using Weibull Analysis, in the automobile industry. Unlike studies in the past, this study uses 24 month service data to investigate the cause of failure due to faulty parts. Usually, the forecasting of the part failure is done for the 3 months in service MIS data and the automobile manufacturers use this parameter to set Key Performance Indicators KPI for quality improvement among design engineers.

The period used in the development of KPIs affects the number of failed parts to be selected for improvement. As the monitoring period of countermeasure takes long durations, the repetitive failures added in data during the monitoring period, make the analysis complicated. Also, the seasonal pattern of failures cannot be addressed using 3MIS data. By increasing the analysis period to 24MIS, this paper finds evidence that increase in MIS leads to the identification of faulty parts that are causing repeated failures.

The scope of the study extends towardsthe detection of new issues and towards monitoringthe effectiveness of existing countermeasures. This reduces warranty costs for the manufacturer and provides time to develop appropriate countermeasures along with increased monitoring period of failure parts leading to durability quality improvement. Abstract: Renewable energy sources are gaining more attention due to quick reduction of fossil fuels, global warming and energy crisis over the past few decades.

Photovoltaic and Wind are the outstanding sources among the various offered renewable sources owing to the complementary nature of these sources. But the availability of the generated energy and the cost of the system are the two major limitations of these sources. Hybrid Power System HPS can alleviate the deviations in energy generated with the assistance of energy storage systems like batteries. On the other hand the cost of the energy needs to be minimized. Therefore, optimization of energy generation with storage system in light of investment cost and unpredictability alleviation is imposing to the monetary achievability of Hybrid Power System.

Abstract: In the primary days of Titanium Nitride tools, before coatings, tool manufacturers appreciated the tools would last elongate and scuffle cratering if they put a little bit of Titanium Nitride TiN in the combination when making the tool. This had the anticipated consequence, but the more TiN that was added, the feebler and more brittle the tool became.

Then someone hit on the idea of applying a thin layer of TiN to the surface of the tool. This study results the Turning experiment conducted on the Ti—6Al—4V alloy of orthogonal array with Taughi grey relational analysis. Abstract: This paper deals with the steady state performance analysis of an autotransformer based pulse ac-dc converter feeding variable frequency vector controlled squirrel cage induction motor drives at different mechanical load and constant reference speed.

These variable frequency induction motor drives are generally operated in vector controlled mode due to their inherent advantages. There are three new elements which are added in the proposed model, first is three single phase autotransformers for phase shifting of 3-phase supply, second one is pulse converter to eliminate the harmonics injected to the source and third one is interphase transformers to ensure the independent operation of the rectifier circuits.

The feedback closed loop control system is used to control the speed of the induction motor, which has highly nonlinear torque-speed characteristics. This simulation is done to analyse the parameters of ac electric drive in terms of settling time, steady state error and overshoot.

The simulation results show that the speed control performance reduces the steady state error and maximum overshoot under different load conditions. Abstract: Mobile ad hoc network is an infrastructure less wireless multi hop network with heterogeneous mobile nodes dispersed in wireless communication zone.

MANET has different application in different fields, due to its distributed, adaptive and self-formation capabilities. Prioritize the nodes based on their network load, II. Assignment of nodes for medium access, III. Prioritize the traffic based on their sensitivity, and IV. Assignment of MAC settings to prioritized traffic. Performance results indicates that proposed MAC protocol out perform in comparison with existing adaptive MAC protocols.

Abstract: Over The last ten decades, the web application has imposed a great impact on the modern society. In companies and in other sectors of development many web development methodologies are being implemented on a daily basis for the development out of which some are being customized by the company itself. In this paper, I was surveyed many web development companies and fill the survey form using some parameters and find new parameters developing the new web application model.

Concentrates on the optimization of drilling constraints utilizing the procedure to get minimum surface roughness Ra , Thrust Force, Burr size and Circularity Error. The trails remained achieved on Mg alloy block cutting tool of an ISO The essential and collaboration effect of the data influences on the ordinary responses remain analyzed. The standard qualities and projected values are truly near. Abstract: Machine learning in the field of computer science is the application of Artificial Intelligence AI that helps in making systems intelligent.

It focuses on producing algorithms that may lead to AI applications in the real world. As enterprises are producing huge amount of data, it became indispensable to have machine learning techniques in place for discovering business intelligence from data for strategic decision making. However, in the contemporary era, the traditional data may be deemed inadequate for decision making. Collection of social media data related to business and using machine learning algorithms to extract useful knowhow from such data bestows competitive edge to enterprises.

The existing literature on sentiment analysis has plenty of methods for discovering sentiments. However, it is still an open problem to have optimizations. In this paper we proposed a framework for discovering sentiments from tweets of Indian Railways. This is a domain specific framework which leverages business intelligence through different classifiers such as C4.

An evaluation procedure with measures like precision, recall, F-Measure and accuracy is provided. The empirical study with Indian Railways case study revealed that the proposed framework is useful in sentiment analysis and can be tailored to suit other domains as well. You actively avoid any shows that might involve audience participation.

You screen all your calls — even from friends. You have a constantly running inner monologue. You have low blood pressure. You look at the big picture. You alternate between phases of work and solitude. Drain chickpeas and let air dry for 2 hours, or more. Process chickpeas, onion, 2 cloves garlic, half bunch mint, cilantro, egg, bread, salt and pepper, cumin and half the lemon juice on low speed until a thick paste forms.

No chunks or your balls will fall apart. Form into patties and let rest while tzatziki is made. Rinse processor and pulse cucumber, yogurt, rest of mint and lemon juice and garlic clove on low just until blended. Salt and pepper to taste. Fry patties in vegetable oil on medium high heat for 3 minutes each side or until golden brown. Serve with warm pita or flatbread. A spiritual person is one who seeks to elevate himself, to connect with a higher power, or simply his higher self.

He believes there is more to the world than what is easily seen, than what is merely physical. He will have certain guidelines of behavior and diet that he will go by, but all in the name of properly attuning with the infinite and entering some higher state of consciousness. Tibetan monks are a great example of the spiritual. Know yourself better and learn how to become your best friend. Grave openings are prepared without the concrete vaults required for reinforcing standard graves, so the only thing in between the unpreserved body and soil is an organic fabric burial shroud or casket made from Earth-friendly material like wicker, cardboard, or bamboo.

Born from a conversation within the environmental movement of the mids, natural burial has been gaining popularity ever since, and is part of a larger trend, paradoxical to some: the effort to make human death itself more sustainable. This past April, Designboom, an online magazine dedicated to art, design and architecture, launched an entire competition called Design for Death that received more than 2, submissions from around the world. Other not so new options are: Alkaline Hydrolysis. Also known as resomation, aquamation, or biocremation. A water-based chemical resolving process that uses an alkaline solution of potassium hydroxide combined with degree Fahrenheit heat and 60 pounds of pressure per square inch to dissolve bodies in large stainless steel cylinders.

Doused in a bath of liquid nitrogen, a corpse is frozen to degrees Fahrenheit, and, once brittle enough, is shattered via short, mechanical vibrations. Infinity Burial Project. The Hippo Water Roller carries 90 litres 24 gallons of water inside a rolling wheel —the weight of the water is borne on the ground. Five times the amount of water is rolled in the time it takes to collect one bucket of water.

A steel clip-on handle allows the drum to be rolled by either pushing or pulling depending on gradients, and the design allows two people to pull the roller up very steep gradients. The large opening allows for easy filling and cleaning of the interior. The sealed lid ensures hygienic storage of water. Partner with hipporoller. In fact, some are simply better than the rest. News Best Jobs of offer a mosaic of employment opportunity, good salary, manageable work-life balance and job security.

Some careers offer just the right mix of these components — nearly 40 percent of our picks are health care jobs— but the list also includes strong showings from occupations in the social services and business sectors. Software Developer 2. Computer Systems Analyst 3. Dentist 4. Nurse Practicioner 5. Pharmacist 6. Registered Nurse 7. Physical Therapist 8. Physician 9. Web Developer Dental Hygienist Information Security Analyst Database Administrator Physician Assistant Occupational Therapist Market Research Analyst Phlebotomist Physical Therapist Assistant Civil Engineer Mechanical Engineer Veterinarian Occupational Therapy Assistant Clinical Laboratory Technician Operations Research Analyst IT Manager Dietitian and nutritionist Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Massage Therapist Veterinary Technologist and Technician Esthetician Computer Programmer School Psychologist Respiratory Therapist Maintenance and Repair Worker Speech Language Pathologist Substance Abuse Counselor Construction Manager Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurse Accountant High School Teacher Financial Advisor Business Operations Manager Bookkeeping, Accounting and Audit Clerk Marketing Manager Medical Assistant Financial Manager Medical Equipment Repairer Clinical Social Worker Nail Technician Middle School Teacher Lawyer Computer Systems Administrator Meeting, Convention and Event Planner Compliance Officer Medical Secretary Radiologic Technologist Bill Collector Child and Family Social Worker Cost Estimator Optician Exterminator Insurance Agent Financial Analyst Elementary School Teacher Hairdresser Management Analyst Home Health Aide.

Patrol Officer Recreation and Fitness Worker HR Specialist Personal Care Aide Sales Manager Taxi Driver and Chauffer Logistician Marriage and Family Therapist Surgical Technologist Computer Support Specialist Administrative Assistant Sales Representative Nursing Aide Interpreter and Translator Pharmacy Technician Preschool Teacher Public Relations Specialist School Counselor Paralegal Paramedic Real Estate Agent Glazier Art Director Architect Customer Service Representative Plumber Office Clerk Auto Mechanic Mental Health Counselor Landscape and Groundskeeper Stuctural iron and Steelworker According to Vocation Vacations, a company created by Brian Kurth —former business executive from Oregon—, these are the 20 most-popular jobs.

After reading both lists, can you see the difference? Always be looking. Notice the ground beneath your feet 2. Everything is interesting. Look closer. Alter your course often. Observe for long durations and short ones. Notice the stories going on around you. Notice patterns. Make connections. Document your findings field notes in a variety of ways.

Incorporate indeterminancy. Observe movement. Create a personal dialogue with your enviroment. Talk to it. Trace things back to their origins. Use all of the senses in your investigations. The Bachelor of Marketing BS program objective is to help students develop an understanding of consumer behavior and the broader environment within the operations of the organization, as well as developing skills in collecting, analyzing, and using information about customers, competitors, and the environment for managerial decisions.

The Bachelor of Marketing BS program is offered online via distance learning. After evaluating both academic record and life experience, AIU staff working in conjunction with Faculty and Academic Advisors will assist students in setting up a custom-made program, designed on an individual basis. This flexibility to meet student needs is seldom found in other distance learning programs.

Instead, the online Bachelor of Marketing BS curriculum is designed individually by the student and academic advisor. This philosophy addresses the dynamic and constantly changing environment of working professionals by helping adult students in reaching their professional and personal goals within the scope of the degree program. Important: Below is an example of the topics or areas you may develop and work on during your studies.

By no means is it a complete or required list as AIU programs do not follow a standardized curriculum. It is meant solely as a reference point and example. Want to learn more about the curriculum design at AIU? Go ahead and visit our website, especially the Course and Curriculum section: www. Each Bachelor of Marketing graduate is encouraged to publish their research papers either online in the public domain or through professional journals and periodicals worldwide.

Info for Prospective Students. Atlantic International University offers distance learning degree programs for adult learners at the bachelors, masters, and doctoral level. With self paced program taken online, AIU lifts the obstacles that keep professional adults from completing their educational goals. Programs are available throughout a wide range of majors and areas of study. All of this with a philosophically holistic approach towards education fitting within the balance of your life and acknowledging the key role each individual can play in their community, country, and the world.

While National Accreditation is common for traditional U. Accreditation is a voluntary process and does not guarantee a worthy education. Rather, it means an institution has submitted its courses, programs, budget, and educational objectives for review. Department of Education. This may be a determining factor for those individuals interested in pursuing certain disciplines requiring State licensing, such as law, teaching, or medicine.

It is recommended that you consider the importance of National Accreditation for your specific field or profession. Non-traditional programs are important because they recognize knowledge gained outside the classroom and incorporate a broader more comprehensive view of the learning experience. Many great institutions are unaccredited.

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We invite you to compare our programs and philosophy with traditional classroom-based programs to determine which is best suited to your needs and budget. Note: In the U. In some cases, accredited colleges may not accept for transfer courses and degrees completed at unaccredited colleges, and some employers may require an accredited degree as a basis for eligibility for employment. AIU is incorporated in the state of Hawaii. As a University based in the U. There is no distinction between the programs offered through AIU and those of traditional campus based programs with regards to the following: your degree, transcript and other graduation documents from AIU follow the same standard used by all U.

AIU graduation documents can include an apostille and authentication from the U. Department of State to facilitate their use internationally. Authentication from the U. Department of State is a process that will ultimately bind a letter signed by the U. Secretary of State permanently with a metal ring to your graduation documents. It is acknowledged that the act of learning is endogenous, from within , rather than exogenous. AIU is an institution of experiential learning and nontraditional education at a distance. There are no classrooms and attendance is not required.

MISSION: To be a higher learning institution concerned about generating cultural development alternatives likely to be sustained in order to lead to a more efficient administration of the world village and its environment; exerting human and community rights through diversity with the ultimate goal of the satisfaction and evolution of the world. VISION: The empowerment of the individual towards the convergence of the world through a sustainable educational design based on andragogy and omniology. The School of Business and Economics allows aspiring and practicing professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs in the private and public sectors to complete a self paced distance learning degree program of the highest academic standard.

The ultimate goal is to empower learners and help them take advantage of the enormous array of resources from the world environment in order to eliminate the current continuum of poverty and limitations. Degree programs are designed for those students whose professional experience has been in business, marketing, administration, economics, finance and management.

The School of Social and Human Studies is focused on to the development of studies which instill a core commitment to building a society based on social and economic justice and enhancing opportunities for human well being. The founding principles lie on the basic right of education as outlined in the Declaration of Human Rights. We instill in our students a sense of confidence and self reliance in their ability to access the vast opportunities available through information channels, the world wide web, private, public, nonprofit, and nongovernmental organizations in an ever expanding global community.

Degree programs are aimed towards those whose professional life has been related to social and human behavior, with the arts, or with cultural studies. The School of Science and Engineering seeks to provide dynamic, integrated, and challenging degree programs designed for those whose experience is in industrial research, scientific production, engineering and the general sciences. Our system for research and education will keep us apace with the twenty-first century reach scientific advance in an environmentally and ecologically responsible manner to allow for the sustainability of the human population.

We will foster among our students a demand for ethical behavior, an appreciation for diversity, an understanding of scientific investigation, knowledge of design innovation, a critical appreciation for the importance of technology and technological change for the advancement of humanity. The AIU Online Library gives users instant access to more than million records in languages from counties.

The Library Resources include , books in e-format and over A new record is added very 10 seconds ensuring the research material available is at the cutting edge and keeping up our rapidly changing world. With access to a worldwide union catalog created and maintained collectively by more than 9, member institutions, students are assured an excellent research tool for their study programs. The AIU Online Library contains million quality records, over 29, e-books, dozens of databases and more than Accessing over 60 databases and periodicals in full text you will be sure to find the information you need for your research project or assignment.

Users will discover that many records are enriched with cover art, tables of contents, reviews, excerpts and other descriptive information. Records typically have library holdings information attached. In a world where knowledge and mostly information expire just like milk, we must reinvent university as a whole in which each student, as the key player, is UNIQUE within an intertwined environment. The entire AIU family must think of the university as a setting that values diversity and talent in a way that trains mankind not only for the present but above all for a future that calls everyday for professionals who empower themselves in academic and professional areas highly in demand in our modern society.

We shall not forget that, at AIU, students are responsible for discovering their own talents and potential, which they must auto-develop in such a way that the whole finish product opens up as a flower that blossoms every year more openly. The AIU stance is against the idea of the campus as a getaway from day-to-day pressure since we believe reality is the best potential-enhancer ever; one truly learns through thinking, brainstorming ideas, which leads to new solutions, and ultimately the rebirth of a human being fully integrated in a sustainable world environment.

Self-learning is actualized more from within than a top-down vantage point, that is to say, to influence instead of requesting, ideas more than power. We need to create a society where solidarity, culture, life, not political or economic rationalism and more than techno structures, are prioritized. In short, the characteristics of AIU students and alumni remain independence, creativity, self confidence, and ability to take risk towards new endeavors.

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Graduate publishes book. December Graduation Ceremony. We, at AIU, treasure the privilege of being able to share the joy of this great achievement with you! Class of Roots and wings. Are you an introvert?