Blue Morgan (from Million Dollar Baby)

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  1. Blue Morgan (from Million Dollar Baby) (By: Clint Eastwood)
  2. While in a World Championship fight
  3. Million Dollar Baby (2004)

He cracks it back into place and stops the bleeding temporarily. This is the first time that Maggie gets hurt. She wants to keep going, and win her first welter weight fight. Frankie is a pro at patching up fighters. Maggie successfully knocks out her opponent within the recommended time frame of twenty seconds. Frankie is watching everything that Maggie does or does not do, in order to teach her everything he knows. She has never had anyone help her before, and she is no longer alone in the world. Frankie says Scrap uses the bleach to clean up at the gym, in particular, to clean and disinfect the boxing ring.

Blue Morgan (from Million Dollar Baby) (By: Clint Eastwood)

It's odd to think that Frankie is the penny pincher, yet, Scrap doesn't even replace holey socks. Danger wants to fight Thomas Hearns for the Welter Weight title. Little does he know that Thomas Hearns retired years ago. Scrap, played by Morgan Freeman, doesn't have the heart to tell him. Frankie has attended Mass almost every day for the past 23 years, perhaps looking for forgiveness for the painful estrangement from his daughter. Father Horvak Brian F.

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O'Byrne often jokes with Frankie and indicates that he only attends mass to harass the priest. Maggie ask what Frankie is reading, and he tells her that he is reading Yeats.

A Million Dollar Baby Ending - Is that correct?

Then, Scrap says what? Maggie's nose and face are swollen. If she doesn't hold her head up, her nose will bleed like a faucet. Scrap thinks that the fact that Frankie is reading Yeats at this moment is pretty ridiculous, considering Maggie's situation. He is conservative, and wants her to wait, but gets frustrated because she keeps asking.

While in a World Championship fight

This leads him to impulsively yell to a manager he spots in his gym, who he thinks will get her a fight right away. What manager gets Maggie her first fight? When Maggie agrees to have Sally manage her, he tells her she has a heck of a left. This manager means well but treats fighters strictly as a business proposition. Frankie drops Maggie flat, on the spot, at this point. He never wants to train or manage a girl fighter.

We hear Scrap's voice throughout the movie, and then at the end, we learn that the voice over is in the form of a letter that he writes to Frankie's daughter. Even though Scrap never sees Frankie again, Scrap wants to write to Frankie's daughter to let her know "what kind of man her father was". The use of Scrap as the narrator is different from the story upon which it is based. Toole's is a pseudonym for cut man and long time boxing manager Jerry Boyd.

She is from a poor, lower class family, from a town in SW Missouri, but she has a great dream to make something of herself, and has a lot of determination. I hope you realize that it had to be an Irish name after the green robe and the bagpipes!

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Maggie Hilary Swank has an Irish surname, but she is from southwest Missouri. CRASH, on the other hand, is bitterly cynical. I prefer films that show how the world should or could be, something to inspire us to do better and treat each other better. I prefer the carrot, the image of something for which to strive. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Million Dollar Baby (2004)

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While overseeing the development of his best fighter, Frankie spends his days verbally sparring with his old friend Scrap Morgan Freeman in fine form. Into this cosy little world wanders Maggie Fitzgerald the excellent Hilary Swank , a year-old waitress who dreams of becoming a fighter. Though Frankie is dubious - he doesn't train women and believes she's too old anyway - Scrap points Maggie in the right direction, helping her to channel her desire into something more tangible.

At first glance, the screenplay appears ridiculously second-hand, and cliche-ridden, yet Eastwood is so reassuringly natural with both the material and his characters that Million Dollar Baby supersedes any inconsistencies.