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  2. White Wolf : Keepers of the Land: Meet the Indigenous Women Warriors of the Amazon
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  5. A conversation with children’s book author Elise Broach

They are showing us to dance our soul in harmony with mother earth's natural balance.

As the spiritual indigenous stories reveal, women are giving the keys to understand the way to relate to nature. We must elevate our consciousness and revive and share that understanding I worked as a man all of my life to fight against sexism in any way, shape or form. Only to see at the end of my life that the majority of women only are focussed upon other women.

It's fully accepted for a woman to be sexist, to be almost exclusively interested in art, literature and so on by other women. The kind of thing males always have beenm criticized for.


My idea of fighting sexism is for all men and women to be interested in their fellow human beings regardless of their sex. Unfortunately this now is totally out-of-fashion. So happy to hear of the victory!!

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What an amazing thing you're doing!! I understand there is much more to do and much at stake, but am so thankful for all you're doing to help keep the forest, water,the whole earth safe from the destruction by greed.

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Write a comment. Questions about the human relationship to nature have always interested me. You have folded a lot of information into a gripping narrative. Did you spend a long time doing research for the book? And how did you do the research?


White Wolf : Keepers of the Land: Meet the Indigenous Women Warriors of the Amazon

I did do a lot of research for the book, but with my history background, I love doing research. Even for works of fiction — maybe especially for works of fiction — I think research can provide the essential backbone of the story. I love writing about real historical mysteries, and the lost cabin part of the story along with the curse! Muir lived in the Yosemite Valley in the late s and entertained a bunch of famous visitors there, such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Theodore Roosevelt. But nobody has ever found traces of the cabin Muir built, or figured out its exact location.

I hoped that mystery would be as interesting to young readers as it was to me. I also did a lot of research on zoos, animal behavior, and wolves — again, that was very fun for me, because I love animals and find them fascinating. While you have an incredible amount of information about wolves, Yosemite, and John Muir, who, as you tell us in your endnotes, founded the Sierra Club, I never once felt you are trying to feed us information or educate us.

Thank you, I am so happy to hear that. I guess my first answer would be: I always leave out the boring bits.

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And I never have the goal of forcing information on the reader. Nothing is included unless it serves the story. I try to weave in information that is interesting and necessary to the plot, and in a suspenseful tale of mystery and adventure, those facts and historical elements tend to be absorbed eagerly by readers. What are the particular challenges to writing suspenseful scenes?

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The biggest challenge to writing suspenseful scenes is to remember to slow things down. Often your instinct as a writer is to make suspenseful scenes unfold very quickly, as if the pace of the scene should echo the quickening pace of the suspense. These tactics can increase the tension dramatically because they force the reader to wait and wait for the exciting thing that is just about to happen. Oh, there were so many surprises!

As there are with most books.

A conversation with children’s book author Elise Broach

You start out intending to write one kind of story, and it becomes something else entirely. As I mentioned earlier, the discovery that Muir built a cabin in Yosemite that is a continuing source of mystery today was the best surprise, because it gave me a linchpin of my plot. But then as I wrote the book, Tyler moved center stage alongside Lizzie. He became crucial to the themes of the book; his bond with Lizzie became the heart of the story. Sign in Join. Sign in. Log into your account.