The Dark Hill

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Kyfingers aol. Where there is light, there is hope. Where there is darkness there is confusion and distortion of the truth.

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Many crimes and sin are hidden beneath the guise of darkness. What is said in darkness is spoken in light. What is done in darkness will be shouted from house tops. The lady lost her coin, the light exposed the dirt, she cleaned up the mess, and she found her coin.

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Our enemy hates the Light and is trying to exterminate and snuff the light. Download Sermon with PRO.

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Add a note optional. Having trouble logging into your account? Try resetting your password. If that doesn't work, please contact our customer service team. He then arrogantly tells Alexa that he could do whatever he wants now that Warvold is gone and neither her father nor Ganesh can tell him what to do. Grayson comes again with Ganesh, and Pervis quickly makes himself innocent and was even willing to give Alexa her spyglass back, but not before smashing it.

Night On The Dark Hill | VHS Glitch

After he leaves, Ganesh comforts Alexa, promising to get Pervis off her back and telling her that he is just doing his job to protect Bridewell. Later in the day, Alexa is enjoying the company of her father and Thomas Warvold's son, Nicolas, over dinner at the Lodge.

She learns from Nicolas that his father had a collection of rare gems from his travels, so his mother, Renny Warvold, etched hidden images onto these gems to create Jocastas. The next day, Alexa goes back to her favorite spot in the library when the library cats, Pepper and Sam , come up to her. She finds that the medallions on the cats' collars hold Jocastas. She goes into Grayson's office and takes his printer's glass ring before Grayson himself comes in, and then goes back to her favorite spot where the cats are still waiting.

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  6. Alexa first looks at Sam's medallion, which is etched with scattered pathways and "a miniature sparkling mountain at the end of one dotted pathway", so she gets a pen and paper to painstakingly copy the map. When Alexa tries to look at Pepper's, the cat lashes at her and makes Alexa drop the printer's glass. The commotion causes Grayson to come over and check on her before having Alexa join him on a stroll to the kitchen.

    The two later return to the library where Alexa grabs her map and races back to her room where she spends the rest of the day there. The next morning at breakfast, Alexa is listening to Ganesh and her father discuss expansion for Bridewell when Pervis joins in by saying that it's a bad idea to expose the people to the outside world; hence he uses Alexa as an example for looking out with the spyglass to the outside.

    Daley defends his daughter and Pervis promises to leave her alone. Mr Daley then talks with Alexa in private and tells her that he and Ganesh will be down in Turlock for two days, so Grayson will be watching her and that he trusts that she'll will stay out of trouble. Discovers that Pepper's Jocasta contains a map of the library. A symbol of a mountain marks an unknown spot. After consulting Grayson, Alexa realizes that this spot is the very chair she loves to sit and read in. Curious, she takes out her key, pulls the chair aside and looks for a nook in the wall where the key might fit.

    Sure enough, there is a crevice that exact size. She reveals a hidden passageway. At the end of the tunnel, Alexa is surprised when a hatch on top suddenly opens. She meets a small man living in the wilderness named Yipes. Then, Yipes takes her to a mountain pool where she find a pulsating lime-green stone. Yipes and Alexa explore the kingdom of animals outside the walls, and she discovers that the stone, which is a Jocasta, gives her the ability to speak to animals. Reveling in this ability, Alexa uses the help of her animal friends notably Murphy the squirrel and Yipes to reveal that Ganesh is the mysterious former convict called Sebastian that leads a rebellion.