The Broken Souls

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It is here that we confront old wounds, old hurts, limiting beliefs, soul ties, and other matters that keep us from becoming and experiencing all that is possible. This presentation is effectively delivered in churches, corporations, and leadership forums. Wherever there are people, there is the potential for healing to take place, lives to be transformed, and leaders to be empowered for greater effectiveness.

This presentation can be delivered as a keynote or workshop.

In the workshop environment, we dive a little deeper into the content, and allow for more process oriented engagement. A keynote would be between minutes. A workshop could be anywhere from hours, depending on the needs of the host. Start the Conversation.

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Brian Holmes Menu Skip to content. Summary I believe that every man and woman is born with a destiny; a purpose; a God given assignment. Presentation Outline.

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What is Your Story. For over 22 years, my life was limited and even tormented as a result of my carrying unresolved issues in my heart. I share my story of brokenness, addiction, and personal crisis.

I had experienced a very real personal tragedy early in life, and did not know how to cope or process the many emotions that came with the experience. Throughout my childhood and into my adult life, the pain and challenges followed me, and kept me from experiencing the fullness of what God had planned for me. Bring It Into The Light.

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Phil McGraw. One of the first steps to healing is bringing our brokenness into the light.

Broken Soul Overview

While this sounds easy, it is not, because to do this, we subject ourselves to the pain and emotion that we have long avoided by keeping the broken places hidden and stuffed away. You completely idealized him and thought he was something more, like your soulmate or the "one. Beautiful, Sleeping Beauty, and Winter: "She is the kind of beauty that gently falls on your lips like snowflakes softly falling to the ground, silent, subtle, fragile to touch, but beautiful nonetheless. She is made of winter, thunderstorms, and scars, yet she possesses the gentlest touch for the broken souls.

When you meet her, you probably won't notice her right away, for hers is the beauty that whispers ever so subtly to your soul, capturing your heart and soul first before entrancing your eyes.

The Broken Souls of Men Turned Into War Machines - The New York Times

Love, Stitches, and Tumblr: it's so scary when someone mentally ill and suicidal falls in love. Love, Tumblr, and Alcohol: When some people are sad They turn to alcohol And clubs And other broken souls to love through the night But I drown out my sorrows With big sweaters And tear-soaked pages of poetry And the thousand year old stars that have seen it all before.

Fall, Love, and Who Presidential alert: Text alert immediately turned into meme on social media. See several here.