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Although a scenario in which robots take charge of this process seems far away, companies wishing to lead the rankings of employer brands must embrace innovation to stay in play. In that sense, having a complete and updated profile register is vital. It allows us to have contact with these complex profiles and at the same time, generate value as an employer brand," says Marina Stupia Prieto, recruiter of Axxon Consulting.

Big data, great results The use of technology has become a great help for companies that handle high volumes of contracting. The large volumes of data generated can be evaluated with analytical tools and machine learning to ensure the adequacy of a profile searches, learn from history and set preferences recruitment patterns that make more efficient incorporation of talent.

For Toon Devloo, Regional Manager People Analytics at Von Der Heide, "the amount of information the recruitment area is handling about candidates has grown exponentially, thanks to social networks, job portals or tests online selection.

Andrea Bara, leader of Accenture's Recruiting Latam, shares the idea that artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role in these processes. In addition, the bot can learn about the behavior of the applicant, react based on it and offer positions available from reading your CV.

In the instance of assessment evaluation of merit , the use of technological tools such as gamification allows evaluating the potential of a person, observing their soft skills and how they respond to different situations. Neuroscience games measure empathy, the ability to make decisions or analytical thinking in a more objective way than a human being, in addition to guaranteeing equal opportunities and equity during the process. Carla Cantisani, Adecco's Director of Services and Quality, says that several companies in the region already use these technologies.

On the other hand, Paola Testa, Recruiting Head of everis Argentina, emphasizes that everisLatam has an interactive software that acts as an interviewer. How does it work? The recruiter, who in this case is the chatbot, calls the candidate at a specific time. It begins with a welcome message with the voice of the Google Translate service and the aspirant communicates through the voice.

The system asks a series of questions that are already scheduled and, at the end of the interview, an email is sent to the human recruiter with a report that includes contact information, an analysis of feelings, a summary and the transcript. Personnel areas already use technology as an ally to optimize searches, detect unwanted talents and attitudes, and give the exact profile faster, before the competition does.

And this trend will be gaining more followers every day. Of course, I could be wrong. SinisterMinisterX Illuminatus Staff member. They're all sitting at my table Talking tall and drinking wine Their time is up just like me But they just don't know it yet For no particular reason, these lines always remind me of the scene near the end of Monty Python's Meaning Of Life where Death comes to the dinner party and none of the guests realize the implications at first.

Anonymous Guest.

In the Dance Of Death tour booklet Steve says, " This song is basically about the last supepr and what would happen if Jesus came back tommorow. But if its about the last supper what are the lies?

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If Steve is to be believed, and the song is from the point of view of Jesus at the Last Supper, then a lot of interesting questions arise. What are the disciples "talking tall" about? I've never seen them depicted as braggarts or exaggeraters before, so this line is immediately captivating to me The speaker presumably Jesus goes through sudden mood swings during the song, I think.

He seems like a much more emotional, tentative, human Jesus than I'm used to seeing, and I appreciate that ambiguity in his character very much. And this leaves open the question about what "no more lies" means -- it may be a rejection of the disciples' lies and human lies in general, that he's going to "come back" to restrain. Or it could be a reckoning with lies that he's told to himself. Meanwhile, there's a part of me that thinks this is really a song about Steve's divorce -- whether or not Steve realizes it himself.

The emotional twists and turns of it just seem very evocative to me of the states a divorced man might find himself in. Just give the song a listen, or read through the lyric sheet with this in mind, and tell me what you think I couldn't get to Quebec. I can almost see what they're talking about here Onhell Infinite Dreamer.

I agree with LooseCannon. I don't think it's Jesus at the Last Supper because of the line that says he'll return but doesn't know in what shape or form. It doesn't matter how you look at this, it just doesn't fit Jesus in any way. If you take it from the Christian perspective, He's God, so he can and supposedly will return, but he would know in what shape or form technically a lamb.

Because he talks about unfinished business and in Hindu religion, depending on what you did in life you come back as a human OR any other LIVING thing "who can say what shape or form" until you finally achieve enlightment and don't reencarnate ever again. Jesus doesn't fit with Hindu believes in that sense. They are young and don't really think that they too will die one day "there time is up just like me, but they just don't know it yet.

The clock is fast, the hour is near If his clock is running fast, then it's gotten ahead of the correct time, and that means the hour isn't as near as he thinks! Jesus would likely have been viewed as a revolutionary by both Jews and Romans, a man whose goals included freeing the Jews from Roman occupation. There are plenty of scholars who have put this position forward before, but I'm too lazy to look up references right now. Anyway, the apostles would also have believed that Jesus was going to bring them political freedom in addition to spiritual enlightenment.

The Last Supper occurred during a trip to Jerusalem, and Jesus had made plain before that this trip would be climactic in some way or another. Thus the apostles probably thought their freedom from Rome was imminent, and they were talking about how great it would be wouldn't you, in that situation?

But since Jesus has something else in mind, he thinks: They're all sitting at my table Talking tall and drinking wine Their time is up just like me But they just don't know it yet Nonetheless, Jesus has not yet directly squashed the rumors that he may have some political action in mind. But with the Crucifixion approaching, he'd better do it quick if he going to do it at all.

Thus the chorus: No more lies! No more lies! And why wouldn't he know what shape or form he might take after resurrection? Because he's half-human. He obviously had doubts and fears about the whole plan - that's what the Gethsemane episode is all about. He knows the general idea but not the specifics. I still prefer to think of this song in more general terms, about some non-specific man facing his death or some similar major life change. But I think this Jesus idea is plausible and internally consistent, so long as absolute slavish devotion to the Bible isn't required.

The Koran does have a few childhood stories of Jesus but other than that where are you going to get the evidence. Also Jesus can't be half-human in any way. He is fully human and fully divine.

YouTube star James Charles breaks silence on Tati Westbrook feud: 'No more lies' - NZ Herald

So Jesus does not fit in this song at all. It's like saying, "This song can be about God if you forget he's all-powerful, all-knowing and present in past, present and future. So like I said, Even if it is About the "human" Jesus, there isn't enough there to convince me. You are evidently a Christian, so you're going to have opinions which mesh with those beliefs.

That doesn't mean that either one of us is absolutely right or wrong - it's all interpretation. Just like if I think of this song as being about the Buddha, I suddenly have a very different opinion of it, and I'm sure it would be different from yours. Actually, now that I mention it, this song could be about the Buddha There's a darkening sky before me, there's no time to prepare Salvage a last horizon, but no regrets from me Before he attained enlightenment, the Buddha had tried two other spiritual paths in search of truth and found nothing. He was very frustrated with the search, which is perhaps captured in these lines.

No More Lies

Maybe I'll be back some other day to live again just who can say In what shape or form that I might be, just another chance for me Two ways of looking at this: Siddhartha the name of the pre-enlightenment Buddha came from a Hindu tradition and would have believed in reincarnation, just as Buddhists and Hindus still believe today. That's the obvious reference, but there's another idea too. Buddhist tradition holds that there is not one Buddha, but rather a new Buddha comes to teach humanity every years.

Maybe the Buddha is thinking of who he might be years from this time. And yes, I believe in reincarnation. Think that's silly? I happen to think that believing in resurrection is silly. Sometimes the mentor is a Manipulative Bastard and only gives the information when he knows the Hero will have no choice but to keep going. Sometimes the hero does have the choice to leave, and that choice is precisely why the Manipulative Bastard version was waiting. Live-Action TV.

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