The Lunatic Fringe

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In this complacent environment, mainstream politicians and commentators assumed that every variety of cynic — and crazy and creep — could be bought off.


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Allow me to let one shabby figure stand for a neglected underworld. For years, Christopher Booker of the Sunday Telegraph fanned every ignorant prejudice on the right. He denied manmade global warming. It is now vanishing so fast its absence is destabilising the entire global weather system. Inevitably, he treated the EU as if it were a dictatorship.

Progressive Democrats Are Mainstreaming the Lunatic Fringe | Trending

It seemed that no falsehood was too gross for him to circulate. How crazy are you crazies? You might think that Booker is a ridiculous man not worth wasting time with. Once, you would have been right. Now he is no different from our rulers. A majority of MPs also believe it would be a disaster for Britain to leave the EU without securing membership of the single market or the customs union. Last week, they nevertheless gave Theresa May the power to negotiate just that.

Hack journalists say they are just giving the readers what they want. Perhaps they are right. No, no, no, we thought it would be a disaster all along.

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Do not forget that Brexit has made cynics not just of the majority of the parliamentary Labour party and supposedly moderate Tory MPs, but of Theresa May. I cannot think of any prime minister in British history who has behaved more cynically on a great issue of state. But her example shows that leaders cannot just be cynics.

They have to do more than merely manipulate their crazies. They must creep to them and become like them.

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On the one hand, it is a cynically calculated strategy. Trump will be able to blame any terrorist attacks on the US judiciary, although no one who understands terrorism believes his edicts would save a single life.

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But at the same time his accusations of treason, his anti-Muslim bigotry and his contempt for the rule of law match the craziness of his supporters. He both manipulates them and is one of them. Equally, Theresa May has to feel the zeal of the convert. To make up for her cynical espousal of a cause she once rejected, she must not only manipulate Ukip and the Tory right but become Ukip and the Tory right and enthusiastically endorse the most uncompromising Brexit on offer.

Those who look with horror at the disastrous movements tearing through western societies should relearn a lesson that should never have been forgotten: you have to fight the cynics and the crazies and the creeps from the moment they appear. Like any big, effective organization, Greenpeace is a magnet for critics -- right-wing opponents of environmentalism, disgruntled ex-employees and the lunatic fringe.

Going for the jugular. Representatives of government, academia, and industry--self- characterized as a "constructive lunatic fringe group"--put forward their visions, quixotic and otherwise, of future computation. PetaCrunchers: setting a course toward ultrafast supercomputing. While July's editorial, "Stop the 'Animal Rights' Lunatic Fringe ," brought a number of letters of support, I would like to take this valuable space to present the other side, if you will, with the understanding that I stand by my original remarks.

The other side of the animal rights debate. James Ellsworth shockingly turned against Dean Ambrose, pushing the ladder and sending the Lunatic Fringe to the tables at ringside as he was about to claim the belt in their TLC match.

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THE deadly intent of the lunatic fringe behind this latest attempt at an under-car booby-trap attack is clear. Either way, the Lunatic Fringe is the perfect perch for Miika to sit and survey the desecrated terrain that lies in his wake. Miika Adamov. This week's other Muslim convert of note was Jason Owen, the killer of Baby P, who carries the Koran wherever he goes in Stafford jail, another chancer taught by the lunatic fringe inside. Quick conversions dishonour faith. Every pro and con that could be aired has been repeated ad nauseam, from the lunatic fringe to the most learned and famous.