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He taught us the doctrine of eternal families from the scriptures. We read his experiences of how fasting and prayer helped his investigators prepare to receive the ordinance of baptism. He assured us that our family too could be blessed through fasting and prayer. Uppermost in my mind is the goal I want to achieve with my own family … that, of course, being sealed to you, Mom and Dad, for time and all eternity in the house of the Lord.

I love you very much and want our family to be together in the eternities. This letter now brought hope for my righteous desire.

The new year was an opportunity for our family to make some changes. In the many months that followed, we established family patterns of righteousness. We prayed together, studied about the ordinances of the temple, paid tithing, and attended our meetings regularly—as a family. Shortly after my brother returned from his mission, we were prepared to receive the ordinances of the temple. I knew the Lord had heard and answered our prayers as we surrounded the holy altar in the temple and were sealed as a family for time and all eternity.

Can you make a difference in your family? Yes, you can! His patterns of righteousness and example changed our lives. Read the rest of her talk here. That day he was with his father, Ken Olsen, a truck driver who was hauling a load to Wisconsin. Along the way, they were able to stop and visit Church history sites in Nauvoo and Carthage, Illinois. Those memories, S Friends of Spider-Man Unite! Welcome to the post- Avengers Endgame world. After the last two very dramatic Avengers movies, Spider-Man saves the day by giving us an easy, breezy, light, and fun summer popcorn movie.

You especially need The film—which again portrays the life of Elder John H. Groberg, this time as a mission president with his family in Tonga—was up against a high production bar set by the first film. The cost increase applies only to missionaries from those 18 nations, which also include Australia and Japan. A short time later, pieces of the oak planks were used to make canes, with some containing locks of the brothers' hair in the ivory knob, as special mementos and sacred relics for some of the Prophet's closest friends, including Willard Richards, Heber C.

The knob on this coffin cane bears the inscription: "Presented by Brigham Young to Sidney Rigdon, A Touching Message from a Father Who Lost His Son to Suicide George Deussen - Many years ago, my wife approached me and wanted to purchase flower baskets to be placed around our home to add color and beauty. At first, I was a bit resistant when she told me the cost, but as is usual in our home, I relented and quickly appreciated them for many reasons. It became my responsibility to care for these flowers and ensure that they received the water they needed.

One day, my wife made a specific request. As early as , the Prophet Joseph Smith was aware of plots to have him silenced, whether by placing him back in jail or killing him. Bennett and Given how central the family is in Church doctrine, divorce in the Latter-day Saint community is a sensitive and complicated issue. The Apostle Paul held before us the picture of the coming judgment, and he bade us look forward into the future and to consider that great judgment throne of God. Now Paul turns from the future, and from the coming judgment and our anticipation of that judgment as a motivation for Christian living.

He turns from that now to our past and to our present.

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In verses , this part of this passage that we're studying today, he asks us to remember who we were apart from the grace of Christ, and then to consider our identity now as having been saved by the grace of Christ. So, from looking to the future and the coming judgment as a motivation for Christian living, he turns now to the past and to the present and our identity as a motivation for Christian living.

Before we read God's word together, let's look to Him and ask for His blessing as we hear it read and proclaimed. Let's pray. Our heavenly Father, we cannot understand this word as we ought without the help of Your Holy Spirit. This is not because Your word is lacking or deficient; Your word is perfect, it is true, it is authoritative, it is good, it is practical.

In fact, it is sufficient to grow us in grace in everything that we need for faith and life. And yet, O God, because of the dullness of our hearts and minds, because of our inclination to sin, because of our inattention and a thousand other reasons, we need the help of Your Holy Spirit in order to hear Your word rightly.

1. Bear Witness

We know that the Lord Jesus Christ reminded His disciples that they needed to hear Your word reverently, realizing it's the very word of God; and that they needed to hear the word in faith, believing everything that You promise and obeying everything that You command. Heavenly Father, by Your Spirit, give us reverence and faith as we hear Your word, and by Your Spirit apply it to our hearts.

Thus ends this reading of God's holy, inspired, and inerrant word. May He write its eternal truth upon our hearts. Now, if you have the outline today, you will notice that there are five points in that outline. But do not be deceived: this is a one-point sermon!

The Doctrine of Light

The reason I have those five points there is so you can follow Paul's chain of argument, follow his trail of logic. But he's got one point, and that's the point that I want to come back to over and over. Remember we said that from Ephesians that Paul was going to give us four motivations or incentives, or inducements, to our living the Christian life, and we saw the coming judgment and our anticipation of it as an inducement, or an incentive, or a motivation to the living of the Christian life, when we were last together in this passage.

Today we're going to look at a second inducement, and that is our new identity in Christ, and that's the one point of Paul's message. Paul's one point is simply this: Remember who you were apart from grace, apart from Christ—remember who you were, and who you are—and live like who you are. That's Paul's one point in this passage.

The Devil's Children - The Enemy Within! Thousand Points of Light

Here's another motivation for the living of the Christian life. Remember what you were apart from Christ, apart from grace; and think about who you are now by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and live out the grace that has been shown to you. Cause in your living that grace which God has shown you in Christ to be made manifest.

Be who you are, by God's grace. He's saying remember who you were formerly: darkness.

First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi

That's how you could be characterized as a person. You were in darkness. You were darkness. And, remember what you now are, by God's grace. You were formerly darkness, now you are light in the Lord. The Apostle Paul is saying when God saved you He dramatically morally transformed you. He changed your character. You were a person in darkness. In fact, Paul puts it more strikingly than that. In the New Testament especially John and Peter like to talk about us before Christ, before grace, before conversion, being in darkness; and after Christ, after grace, after conversion, being in light.

But notice that Paul doesn't say that. He's talking about this dramatic moral transformation that occurs. The Lord Jesus Christ, when He saves us, not only justifies us; He not only declares us righteous, He not only freely forgives our sins because of what He has done on our behalf, but He transforms us.

He brings us out of darkness and into light. He changes us from the inside out. That doesn't just mean we stop doing everything that we've ever done wrong and we start doing everything right. In fact, it doesn't mean that at all, because Christians still struggle with sin. But it does mean that we are fundamentally morally changed, so that especially we realize that this world is not fundamentally about us.

It's about God and His glory; and our enjoyment, our pleasure, our satisfaction in this life, our meaning, our fulfillment, is found not in centering the world on ourselves, but on focusing on the One who is the first, the best, the greatest, the center of all things: the Lord God. And when we de-center ourselves and give all praise to Him and pursue Him in His glory, ironically it is precisely there that we find all satisfaction, all fullness of pleasure, and joys forevermore.

And so the person who has been transformed by the grace of Christ has found sinful self decentralized in his or her experience.

Light of the World - Wikipedia

God is at the center of everything, and that begins to work out a moral transformation in every area of life — a transformation that takes a lifetime to complete. It doesn't instantaneously happen. The Christian continues to struggle, but the Christian is fundamentally different from the one who is centered upon himself or herself. That is one reason why in our approach to evangelism and discipleship at First Presbyterian Church we try to be dramatically God-centered. Some of you may have seen the hilarious video that's circulating on the internet now, called Me Church.

It will leave you on the floor laughing. But it's a spoof on evangelical churches that have followed the ways of secular marketing and tried to appeal to the basis of what people want, and what they think the church ought to be like and ought to be doing, in order to get them to church, and it's called Me Church. I work hard, I've got a busy week, and when I get to Sunday, it's hard for me to be on time.

And I want to go to a church that starts when I get there. We want to go to a church where if he starts crying in the middle of the service, nobody looks at us and judges us, but they accept us. And you can stay there. And then a little guy comes on to the screen. He's on his bicycle. During the worship service? I want tickets to the Super Bowl. If you don't get me tickets to the Big Game, then I'm not joining. And the point of the video is that this church is completely built around them!

It's Me Church! It's about God. It's about His glory. And my enjoyment, my pleasure, my fulfillment, my growth, my satisfaction, my meaning in life is only found when I am decentralized, and when God is at the center of everything. When He is exalted, that is where I experience fullness of joy forevermore. So the Apostle Paul is reminding us here in this passage that all of us who have come to faith in Christ have come to realize in some measure that it's all about God. It's all about His glory; and my enjoyment in this world, my fulfillment, and meaning and satisfaction is realized only when I realize it's all about God.

And that begins to change everything in life. And so the Apostle Paul says you were darkness, but now you are light. You were darkened by the confusion that you were at the center of the universe, and now you realize that there is a God and you are not Him. And you were created by Him, for Him, to worship Him, and enjoy Him forever, and that has radically changed your whole moral outlook and experience and character in this life.

So, remember who you are!

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  7. Remember that you are now a child of light, and live that out. That's what Paul is saying. In other words, he's saying be who you are; do what you are. The Apostle Paul is saying in light of the fact that God has worked this dramatic, radical moral transformation in you, you need to live out that moral transformation in your daily life.

    God is light — John loves to say that! So, if you are God's children, live as children of light, because God is light. Live out that light that you are. And it's so wonderful that in the New Testament that the command to the Christian life is always a command not for you to become what you are not, but for you to be who you really are in Christ.

    Be who you are. The call is always to realize and live out what the grace of God has already done fundamentally in your heart. God is light.