Sins Out of School (A Dorothy Martin Mystery)

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She praised "Roland" for being a purely Christian myth, in contrast to such epics as Beowulf in which she found a strong pagan content. She shared an enthusiasm for Dante's work with the novelist, poet, playwright and lay-theologian Charles Williams and she contributed an essay about The Divine Comedy to the memorial volume Essays Presented to Charles Williams.

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Sayers's religious book The Mind of the Maker explores at length the analogy between a human creator especially a writer of novels and plays and the doctrine of The Trinity in creation. She suggests that any human creation of significance involves the Idea, the Energy roughly: the process of writing and that actual 'incarnation' as a material object , and the Power roughly: the process of reading and hearing and the effect that it has on the audience.

She draws analogies between this "trinity" and the theological Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The book contains examples drawn from her own experiences as a writer, as well as criticisms of writers who exhibit, in her view, an inadequate balance of Idea, Energy, and Power. Peter is not the Ideal Man". Creed or Chaos? Lewis ' Mere Christianity.

Both sought to explain the central doctrines of Christianity, clearly and concisely, to those who had encountered them in distorted or watered-down forms, on the grounds that, if you are going to criticize something, you had best know what it is first. Her influential essay "The Lost Tools of Learning" [29] has been used by many schools in the US as a basis for the classical education movement , reviving the medieval trivium subjects grammar, logic, and rhetoric as tools to enable the analysis and mastery of every other subject.

Sayers also wrote three volumes of commentaries about Dante, religious essays, and several plays , of which The Man Born to Be King may be the best known. Her religious works did so well at presenting the orthodox Anglican position that, in , the Archbishop of Canterbury offered her a Lambeth doctorate in divinity , which she declined. In , however, she accepted an honorary doctorate of letters from the University of Durham. Her economic and political ideas are rooted in the classical Christian doctrines of Creation and Incarnation, and are close to the Chesterton—Belloc theory of Distributism [30] — although she never describes herself as a Distributist.

The poet W. Auden and the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein were notable critics of her novels.

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The academic critic Q. Leavis criticises Sayers in more specific terms, in a review of Gaudy Night and Busman's Honeymoon published in the critical journal Scrutiny , saying her fiction is "popular and romantic while pretending to realism. The critic Sean Latham has defended Sayers, arguing that Wilson and Leavis simply objected to a detective story writer having pretensions beyond what they saw as her role of popular culture "hack".

Lord Peter Wimsey, Sayers's heroic detective, has been criticized for being too perfect; over time, the various talents that he displays grow too numerous for some readers to swallow. Edmund Wilson also expressed his distaste for Lord Peter in his criticism of The Nine Tailors : "There was also a dreadful stock English nobleman of the casual and debonair kind, with the embarrassing name of Lord Peter Wimsey, and, although he was the focal character in the novel I had to skip a good deal of him, too.

The character Harriet Vane , featured in four novels, has been criticized for being a mere stand-in for the author. Many of the themes and settings of Sayers's novels, particularly those involving Harriet Vane, seem to reflect Sayers's own concerns and experiences. Vane initially meets Wimsey when she is tried for poisoning her lover Strong Poison ; he insists on participating in the defence preparations for her re-trial, where he falls for her but she rejects him. In Have His Carcase , she collaborates with Wimsey to solve a murder but still rejects his proposals of marriage.

She eventually accepts Gaudy Night and marries him Busman's Honeymoon. Biographers of Sayers have disagreed as to whether Sayers was anti-Semitic. This conclusion is supported by Carolyn G. Heilbrun in Dorothy L. Sayers: Biography Between the Lines , [39] who agrees with his assessment of anti-Semitism, but dissents from the excuses that he made for it. In a translator wanted "to soften the thrusts against the Jews" in Whose Body? In London in she entered into an unhappy affair with Russian emigre Imagist poet John Cournos who moved in literary circles with Ezra Pound and his contemporaries.

Her affront at his subsequent marriage to a fellow crime writer—after claiming to disdain both monogamy and detective fiction—has been documented in her collected letters, [41] an experience fictionalized a decade later in her novel Strong Poison [42] and in Cournos' The Devil is an English Gentleman , published in In she was in a relationship with Denstone College graduate, part-time automobile salesman William "Bill" White, a "rotten charmer" [44] whom she presented to her parents.

She had met him when he moved into the flat above hers in 24, Great James Street in December Mrs White agreed to meet Sayers in London.

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In exchange for the promise to never see Bill again, Mrs White invited Sayers to a guest house in her hometown of Southborne during the last stages of pregnancy and arranged for her own brother, Dr Murray Wilson, to attend the birth at Tuckton Lodge, a nursing-home in Ilford Lane, Southbourne. John Anthony "Tony" was given into care with her aunt and cousin, Amy and Ivy Amy Shrimpton, and passed off as her nephew to family and friends. Tony was raised by Amy and Ivy Amy Shrimpton and later was sent to a good boarding school.

In he got legally adopted by Sayers and her then husband "Mac" Fleming. While still not revealing her identity as his mother, Sayers was constantly in contact with her son, provided him with good education and they maintained a close relationship. It is not known if he ever spoke to Sayers about the fact. After publishing her first two detective novels, Sayers married Captain Oswald Atherton "Mac" Fleming, a Scottish journalist whose professional name was "Atherton Fleming". Fleming was divorced with two daughters.

Sayers and Fleming lived in the small flat at 24 Great James Street in Bloomsbury [58] that Sayers maintained for the rest of her life. Fleming worked as an author and journalist and Sayers as an advertising copywriter and author. Over time, Fleming's health worsened, largely due to his First World War service, and as a result he became unable to work. Sayers was a good friend of C. Lewis and several of the other Inklings.

On some occasions Sayers joined Lewis at meetings of the Socratic Club. Tolkien read some of the Wimsey novels but scorned the later ones, such as Gaudy Night. Sayers died suddenly of a coronary thrombosis [60] on 17 December at the same place, aged Fleming's ashes were scattered in the churchyard at Biggar in Lanarkshire, centre of the Fleming ancestral lands.

Upon her death it was publicly revealed that her nephew, John Anthony, was her son; he was the sole beneficiary under his mother's will. Anthony died on 26 November at age 60, in St.

Dorothy Martin

Francis's Hospital, Miami Beach, Florida. In his half-sister Valerie White tried to get to know Anthony and wrote him a letter about his parents' story, but was told by his publishers that he had already died. Some of the dialogue spoken by character Harriet Vane reveals Sayers poking fun at the mystery genre , even while adhering to various conventions. Sayers's work was frequently parodied by her contemporaries. Bentley , the author of the early modern detective novel Trent's Last Case , wrote a parody entitled "Greedy Night" Sayers was a founder and early president of the Detection Club , an eclectic group of practitioners of the art of the detective novel in the so-called golden age, for whom she constructed an idiosyncratic induction ritual.

The Club still exists, and, according to the late P. James who was a long-standing member, still uses the ritual.

A Guide to Cozy Mystery (and Other Favorite) Books, Movies, and TV

In Sayers's day it was the custom of the members to publish collaborative detective novels, usually writing one chapter each without prior consultation. These works have not held the market, and have only rarely been in print since their first publication. Sayers Classical Academy in Louisville, Kentucky , is named after her. Minor planet Sayers is named after her. Marsden with whom Sayers consulted extensively during the last year of her life in her attempt to rehabilitate the Roman poet Lucan.

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Sins out of school : a Dorothy Martin mystery / Jeanne M. Dams.

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