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Yes, I shall procure a copy for myself, and watch it all the way through. I must confess I have only seen parts of this cinematic Sean Connery classic, and the parts I have seen did offer up a slight sense of endearment for yours truly. But my attention span waned, and my movie prowess faltered, and I must confess I sometimes have the attention span of a fruit fly.

But I shall push through, much as I did with this piece of male chauvinistic trash. Th The movie has got to be better than this shit. The golf scene proved longwinded and a bit of a bore. And I happen to really like golf. After the scene, though, I wanted to chuck my clubs through an open window and burn my golf shirts in a bonfire. Pussy Galore is one of the best names of all time, right? Yes, you are absolutely correct. But the way she falls for James Bond made me want to hurl up a Happy Meal.

Even Auric Goldfinger felt limp-dicked compared to his grand cinematic self. More than anything, though, I wanted to hear one of the most famous exchanges of all time, and I ended up with zip. What exchange? You might ask. Auric Goldfinger: No, Mr.

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Bond, I expect you to die! Cross-posted at Robert's Reads View 2 comments. Mar 07, BrokenTune rated it liked it Shelves: reviewed. There came a slow metallic growl from the end of the table on which Bond lay. It curved quickly up to a harsh whine and then to a shrill high whistle that was barely audible. Bond turned his head wearily away. How soon could he manage to die? Well, since this was a re-read, I guess you co "Casually, one hand reached out to the control panel and pressed down a switch.

Well, since this was a re-read, I guess you could say I have been trying to write down my thought for a couple of years! The problem is that I didn't find this one as interesting a story as some of the others. Don't get me wrong, there are some great characters in this - namely Auric Goldfinger and Tilly Masterton, and of course Pussy Galore, but the plot of this book was rather boring, especially when it became clear towards the end that the book heavily deviated from the film. In typical fashion, Fleming vilifies the baddies Goldfinger and his assistant Oddjob by endowing them with the appropriate physical descriptions.

Goldfinger is another caricature villain: "Perhaps, Bond thought, it was to conceal his ugliness that Goldfinger made such a fetish of sunburn. Without the red-brown camouflage the pale body would be grotesque. The face, under the cliff of crew-cut carroty hair, was as startling, without being as ugly, as the body.

It was moon-shaped without being moonlike. The forehead was fine and high and the thin sandy brows were level above the large light blue eyes fringed with pale lashes. The nose was fleshily aquiline between high cheek-bones and cheeks that were more muscular than fat. The mouth was thin and dead straight, but beautifully drawn. The chin and jaws were firm and glinted with health.

To sum up, thought Bond, it the face of a thinker, perhaps a scientist, who was ruthless, sensual, stoical and tough. An odd combination. What else could he guess? Bond always mistrusted short men. They grew up from childhood with an inferiority complex. All their lives they would strive to be big — bigger than the others who had teased them as a child. Napoleon had been short, and Hitler.

It was the short men that caused all the trouble in the world. And what about a misshapen short man with red hair and a bizarre face? That might add up to a really formidable misfit. He was a chunky flat-faced Japanese, or more probably Korean, with a wild, almost mad glare in dramatically slanting eyes that belonged in a Japanese film rather than in a Rolls Royce on a sunny afternoon in Kent.

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He had the snout-like upper lip that sometimes goes with a cleft palate, but he said nothing and Bond had no opportunity of knowing whether his guess was right. In his tight, almost bursting black suit and farcical bowler hat he looked rather like a Japanese wrestler on his day off. But he was not a figure to make one smile. Well that man is one of the three in the world who have achieved the Black Belt in Karate. I thought this was interesting.

It shows that Fleming is still trying to keep the stories fresh and interesting. The previous books have been outlandish and daring, but each had a slightly different twist. Fleming enthusiasts may be able to convey more insight on this than I can, but it would be interesting to find out if Fleming himself had some interest in Japan or Korea when writing Goldfinger and the later You Only Live Twice , since he seemed to have turned to Asia for inspiration in both books.

Of course, as mentioned in previous reviews, Fleming either seems to not have been a great believer in fact checking or he preferred to make use of sensationalist claims for the benefit of the story, but the claim of there only being three Black Belts in the world in is of course false. In a way, I guess this is what irks me most about Fleming's writing. When the plot does not hold up, the rest of the books crumbles with awkward writing, made-up facts, and predictable characterisations.

It is a gang of women. I shall need some women for this operation. She is entirely reliable. She was a trapeze artiste. She had a team. It grew into a gang of outstanding ruthlessness. Even the big American gangs respect them. She is a remarkable woman. Of course, Fleming then spoils this by having her fall for Bond again idiotic notions So, while this was not the most exciting of Bond books - and it definitely suffers by comparison with its predecessor Dr.

No - there are some interesting parts in it. It is just a shame that the plot is not one of them, and that the gimmicks are not enough to make it special.


Apr 28, El rated it it was ok Shelves: bond-james-bond , 20th-centurylit-late , library-borrow. Goldfinger , movie trailer. Oh, Bond. What are you up to now? Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action. This is the first of the Bond books I've read that takes place primarily in America yee Goldfinger , movie trailer. This is the first of the Bond books I've read that takes place primarily in America yee-haw!

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  4. In the first section, "Happenstance", Bond is asked to check this Goldfinger out because a buddy of Bond's has lost money in canasta and he thinks Goldfinger is cheating. I sort of feel we have more important things for our MI6 agents to be doing with their time. It's not like Bond was just switching planes after a drug bust in Mexico; dude can't even catch a break by being allowed a nap next to the pool. No-no, let's put him back to work. In the second section, "Coincidence", Bond and Goldfinger play golf. That was an exciting chapter.

    Also an exciting part in the movie. I kept waiting for a golf ball to explode or Bond's golf club is also a gun Oh well, can't win them all. And then in the final section, "Enemy Action" and things get a bit more exciting and stuff goes boom more so in the movie than the book. Everyone knows Goldfinger for two reasons, whether or not they've read the book or seen the movie: Oddjob and Pussy Galore.

    Let's start with Oddjob. He's the Korean driver-cum-assassin of Goldfinger. In the book he's described as having a cleft palate and, on more than one occasion, as being a "Korean ape". He doesn't speak, but speaks volumes with his wicked hat which can break people in half just by throwing it like a Frisbee. That's pretty cool, both in the book and the movie. But the racism is decidedly less cool. Goldfinger has a little army of Koreans helping out his outfit, and there's a whole section on page if memory serves where Goldfinger talks about how nasty Koreans are, and if he didn't take them in, who knows what they'd do in the world.

    Um, thanks? Something about how all they want is a prostitute once in a while, I don't know, my eyes were glazing over by that point. Oddjob in the movie is a bit more interesting. Again, never says a word though not due to a cleft palate but because he's described as being "mute" , but he crushes stuff and that's fun. Then there's Pussy Galore. Ah, Pussy.

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    7. What is there to say? She doesn't have that large a part in the book, which I found surprising. She's one of the mob members, and she had a role, and she and her outfit are described as lesbians with a capital L because that's how it was in the '60s apparently ; but in the movie, she has a larger role, she flies planes and she kicks a lot of ass. One thing remained the same in the book and the movie and is even more disgusting and sexist in the book is that she throws her lesbian ways into the wind and falls into Bond's arms. Because she never really knew a man, she says in the book.

      She was abused by an uncle and therefore men suck, but now that she sees how gentle a man can be like Bond , she's willing to reconsider everything. I think in this case I enjoyed the movie more than the book. The movie was flashier and so over-the-top bad one can't help but laugh. The book, however, is just sorta bad. Interestingly, Wikipedia says: Fleming developed the James Bond character more in Goldfinger than in the previous six novels, presenting him as a more complex individual, whilst also bringing out a theme of Bond as Saint George.

      The Saint George theme is echoed by the fact that it is a British agent sorting out an American problem. Saint George, huh? I'll get back to you on that one. In fact, I'll get back to you on whether or not I think Bond has gotten more or less complex as a character as well. Right now I'm not buying it.

      Not even a little bit. Next up View all 7 comments. Jan 03, Manny rated it liked it Shelves: too-sexy-for-maiden-aunts. We watched Goldfinger last night on DVD - I'd seen it once before, around , but I could hardly remember a thing about it. Really quite interesting! Some reactions: The women OMG. There are some scenes one could hardly believe. This was our favourite. Felix Leiter, Bond's opposite number from the CIA, turns up in Miami, where Bond is lounging by a swimming pool, having his shoulders massaged by an opulent blonde.

      They have the following exchange from memory : Leiter: Ah, Bond, I thought I'd find you in good hands! Bond: Felix, this is Dink. Dink, say hello to Felix. Blonde: Hello. Bond: Dink, say goodbye to Felix. Run along now. Man talk. He slaps her condescendingly on the ass And We were trying to remember if this really could have happened in , but we were too young at the time. The acting We were pleasantly reminded of the Elvis movie Fun in Acapulco , a family favourite. Elisabeth thought Acapulco was better, mainly because the story was more plausible.

      I preferred Bond, on the grounds that Connery is a more competent actor than Elvis. But we both had to admit it was close. The story It sounded strangely familiar. The Chinese get together with an unscrupulous Western multi-billionaire, and hatch a scheme to create panic and chaos in the world's economic markets, starting with the US. They're both going to make a killing out of it.

      Where had we heard that before? They've started calling him Chockfinger. Well, the script just writes itself, doesn't it? I can already see the naked girl lying sprawled on the bed, stone dead and covered in chocolate View all 15 comments. It started, Goddess aid me, with card games yet again and then continued on with one of the only subjects that I consider more boring than cards, golf! There was much eye rolling and boredom on my part, but I realize that these subjects excite other people, and certainly were 2. There was much eye rolling and boredom on my part, but I realize that these subjects excite other people, and certainly were passions of Mr.

      Sep 23, The Pirate Ghost Formerly known as the Curmudgeon rated it liked it Shelves: kindle-book , suspense , action-adventure , group-read. Plot — Plot? Megalomaniac wants to rule the world. James Bond Kicks his ass, then gets laid at least twice. Oh, all right, he played golf too. I guess I just mean to say, this is an old book, that became an old movie. There were no surprises in the plot. Bond, on his way back to England after tracking down drug dealers in Mexico gets delayed at the airport.

      While there, he accepts a pr 1. While there, he accepts a proposition from an acquaintance on a past mission.

      Tania Mallet, Bond girl in 'Goldfinger,' dies at 77 - CNN

      It turns out that the man cheating at cards is the richest English Citizen on the planet. Bond foils the cheater and blackmails him into paying his acquaintance back and meets a hot chick. There were some differences I noticed in what we were able to see or learn about what was going on. First, James Bond seems to be having some issues with traumatic Stress. This is one of the amazing things in the book considering the era that it had been written.

      This did more to change my appreciation for Ian Fleming than it did James Bond. Second, we got a chance to see how much James Bond really sweat things. The golf game is a particularly good example. AN example that got tedious after a few holes. The play by play for Goldfinger Vs Bond went on too long for me, but the benefit is that we got to see how much stress went on inside his head, that never shows in the movies at least not to the degree we got to see it in the book.

      Again we get to see bond stress when he realizes Goldfiner and Oddjob are going to cut him in to pieces. Where Fleming recognized women in his books, even the most potent of them, P. Galore was still shunted off to play nurse and be a boy toy never mind that she was a lesbian. But this was a different time. This was a place where people thought Ginger was the sexy one and Mary Anne was a cute side kick.

      To Sum up thoughts about the plot. All he seemed to do was get captured and sit on his hands until he managed to drop a note in the lieu. Even then Felix Lighter did more than Bond did. How do you feel about James Bond? I actually like the Sean Connery Bond more after reading the book. As for the individual characters? James Bond actually came across as more human, rather than less Human. The ability to see inside his head and register his fears and remorse allowed the character to feel deeper and more complete than any move ever could.

      Other than that, he was much the same as the Connery Bond. Goldfinger turned out to more devious and diabolical, but no real differences between what we saw on the screen and what we saw in the book. Oddjob — finally I got to see what was so frightening about oddjob that made him dangerous above and beyond the other creepy lethal villains that bond faced in other stories. This is one character that the movie did not stand up to. Odd Job in the movie was scary, but physically, not like the book version, save he was Asian. This is the strongest female, good to semi-good, to semi bad, character in the Bond gallery until Jynx comes along and, other than having a likeable wit, if not particularly beautiful personality, is to run a ring of prostitutes, show her independence by being gay and then give that up to go to bed with Bond in order to save her skin at the end of the book.

      Action: How good were the action elements out of 10? Best action scenes? The best action scenes came at the end of the book. I found the action clipped and rather than taking us through the action like Matthew Rielly, James Rollins and Clive Cussler, it was narrated like a flash back. This was more like Yadda-yadda-ing sex. How does this compare to the movie versions? Did the spy aspects feel authentic to you? Overall verdict: out of 10 or 5 stars? I hate to say it, because my memory of the movies is still generally good, but this was a bit of a letdown for me.

      Other books like this you'd recommend? I tend to believe that the books are always better than the movies. Nov 30, Emma rated it did not like it. Running on fond memories of watching the Bond films in my childhood, I was recently inspired to pick this up. I wish I hadn't bothered. See, it wasn't the I didn't expect the sexism and the racism I expected useless women who's only function to the plot was to fall into Bond's arms or die, to be honest I'm used to it.

      I didn't expect a diatribe blaming homosexuality on women getting the vote. I didn't expect Running on fond memories of watching the Bond films in my childhood, I was recently inspired to pick this up. I didn't expect a character to die because she was lesbian. Not to mention the child abuse thrown in to explain lesbianism. And, of course, the blatant racism. I'd expected that we wouldn't have any possitive characters who weren't white, but still, the out and out, blatantly stated racism was just too much for me.

      I wouldn't recomend this to anyone and won't read it again. Goldfinger was the first James Bond movie I ever saw so I have a special place in my heart for it. The screenplay was written by Richard Maibaum dec. Posthumous awards Standard disclaimer this book was written in and thus is full of misogyny, racism, sexism and homophobia. I'm pretty acclimated to the era when I grew up and still it was a bit stunning. The book begins as does the movie with Bond waiting for a flight at the Miami airport, there he encounters a man who met him in Monte Carlo who needs his help discovering how a man is cheating at Canasta.

      The man in question is Auric Goldfinger and Bond solves the mystery quickly and get the girl. Bond then returns to the UK and goes back to spy work. Eventually his plans to track down Goldfinger and MI6's plan intersect and he is sent off to play golf with the man. I am not a golf fan, I don't play and I don't watch it — except for Happy Gilmore.

      If you think watching golf is boring, and I do, try reading about it. Fleming gives us details of at least 9 of the 18 holes, and it is deadly dull. Bond is invited to dinner, bumbles around a bit, is shown Odd Jobs creepy specialty Then Bond tracks Goldfinger from England to Switzerland, and meets up with Jill Masterson.

      Yet somehow Fleming makes this deadly dull too. She is out to avenge the death of her sister, killed by Goldfinger for accompanying Bond to NY, off page unlike in the movie. When they try to spy on him they are captured and made into Goldfinger's minions. Now we are treated to James Bond, recording secretary. Goldfinger's plan in the book is terribly more convoluted and ridiculous than in the movie and takes place in a warehouse in New York rather than a Kentucky horse farm.

      No awesome model of Fort Knox, just some maps Then they take the train to Kentucky. Oh and Pussy isn't a pilot so the cool scene where she is flying the plane doesn't happen either, instead Goldfinger steals a BOAC plane. Of course Bond saves the day, sort of and gets the girl who tells him about her sexual abuse at the hands of her uncle The End.

      So while I love Bond movies and I really enjoyed Flemings tales of travel. I need A break from these books before I read any more. You can see all RxGoldfinger methods here. The CryptoObject is locked when created and it is unlocked when the user successfully authenticates. Once it is unlocked, you can use it to cipher data. Builder object. Logging is off by default. You can enable it by calling Goldfinger. Builder context. Creating a CryptoObject is a complicated process that has multiple steps.

      CryptoFactory allows you to modify CryptoObject creation and adjust it to your needs. All methods should return a CryptoObject instance or a null value if an error happens during object creation.

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      You can find the default implementation here. Goldfinger automatically handles encryption and decryption operations via a Crypto implementation which you can implement yourself in case you want a custom cipher. Crypto methods receive an unlocked CryptoObject that ciphers data and a String value as data you should cipher.

      The return value should be ciphered data or null if an error happens. The default Crypto implementation can be found here. Feedback and code contributions are very much welcome. Just make a pull request with a short description of your changes. By making contributions to this project you give permission for your code to be used under the same license. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

      Top definition. Goldfinger unknown. An amazing ska-punk band that has been around since That's Goldfinger for you. Refers to the villian Auric Goldfinger in the bond film "Goldfinger". Obsessed with gold, he tries to take control of the gold industry by blowing up Fort Knox. The kiss of death , from Mr. When you use toilet paper that is too thin and your finger unfortunately breaks the paper , resulting in a golden deposit on your finger.

      Kev's had the hump all day after getting goldfinger in the toilet earlier. His finger stinks! When you finger a girls asshole as they pee similar to a golden shower.