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  2. Gilbert Adair

Mid-century directions. The generation of the s. The uniqueness of recent writing. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction Over the last fifty years the rich variety of Australian literature has become internationally recognised and respected. In this new study, Ken Goodwin shows how the recurrent themes of the quest to recover the past, the idea of the alien, the need to endure and the imminence of violence, combine to produce the unique qualities found in Australian literature.

The book surveys the works of early writers in the context of the first hundred years of civilisation and looks at the prominence of colonial values and the powerful influence of periodicals such as the Sidney Bulletin. Hebuys an old German rifle, which he discovers to be a Von Herder, bearing an engraved plate which states that it was used to kill a cormorant. In the barrel, he discovers an old manuscript, written by Rodolph von Esche and Dr Watson.

Holmes is visited by Ryoichi who has brought his fishing cormorant with him. Holmes plans to use the bird to retrieve a missal by Pope Pius V, stolen by an M. They choose to attempt to deduce the topic of Moriarty's Dynamics of An Asteroid. After much discussion it is Henry, their waiter, who comes up with the most acceptable solution. Lord Alwin arrives at Baker Street in distress having received a telegram from Oxford saying "Send more money".

Having learned that Lord Alwin's son Harold is studying mathematics at Oxford, Holmes deduces that the message is a cipher that is somehow connected back to one of his old cases. Holmes examines the club's kitchen, interviews a waiter and recovers the cup. In Baker Street, Holmes tells Watson of a dream in which he met the poet. Tippit; Patrolman M. McDonald; Howard L. Brennan; Major General Edwin A. Walker; Professor A.

Bargain and Free eBooks for Thursday (2/15) | eBooks Habit

Dougherty; Lee Bowers; S. Holland; Senator Ralph W. After studying the Warren Report, and meeting his clients in Washington, Holmes presents Watson with his views on previous attempts to explain the events of the assassination. They fly to New Orleans, to investigate Oswald's political beliefs. Holmes becomes concerned about being shadowed. They travel on to New York, where Holmes's life is under threat as the result of an earlier mafiosi case, so that he can examine some documents, while Watson brushes up on his forensics.

Back in Washington, they analyse the forensic evidence from the Warren Report, and Jack Ruby's statement, before reporting back o their clients. Ashton has asked for its return, because a friend, Professor Moriarty, has offered to publish it for him. Shortly thereafter Ellery dies, having clearly been poisoned. The following day Ashton's body is found at the foot of a cliff.

In Ashton's rooms they find evidence of a new story outline on a piece of carbon paper, but during the night it is stolen from Inspector Queen's room. Holmes travels to the bank, where he meets Lestrade, and examines the vaults.

The history of tea - Shunan Teng

His underworld contacts can tell him nothing about the theft, and Mycroft is little more help. Returning to the bank he learns of a night porter who reported hearing ghostly women's voices three nights before the robbery. Although the theft seems pointless, the bonds being worth nothing until the issue day, and, besides, having traceable serial numbers, the Prime Minister arrives at Baker Street and tells Holmes that the theft represents a threat to the stability of the British Empire.

The following day Langaton is stricken with a mystery illness. Holmes believes he has solved the case, but has no evidence of how it was done. Back in London, Lestrade announces an arrest. Another visit to the Bank, and a visit from a lady draw Holmes closer to a solution. A second visit reveals the truth. Click on these links for publication details of editions used for indexing: short stories novels children's stories.

Adair is sent to the festival by his agent, where on the opening night he reads the story "The Giant Rat of Sumatra" from his latest book, The Unpublished Casebook of Sherlock Holmes : Holmes and Watson are called on by the botanist Eustace Gable. Nathan M. Victor G. When it is opened, the jewels are missing. Inspector Gregg consults Syaloch, the Martian detective, "a seven-foot biped of vaguely storklike appearance". Syaloch travels to Phobos and examines the ship. He learns that the technician, Carter, who loaded the ship on Earth Station was searched when he left it, and that the entire spaceport was searched after the discovery of the theft, also that two of the control crew on Phobos had been working on Earth when the ship was loaded.

Carter has since returned to Earth. Syaloch takes particular interest in the radioactive gunk used to seal the ships, then announces that the case is solved. Barbro Cullen hires Eric Sherrinford, who claims collateral descent from one of the first private enquiry agents on Earth, to find Jimmy, her missing son, who has been taken from an archaeological dig on the planet Roland. Sherrinford journeys to Roland with her to search for the child, which he believes has been stolen by the Outlings.

Peter K. Watson; Billy; Inspector Lestrade; Mrs. Hudson Historical Figures: T. Dunville; G. During Robey's act, a sandbag crashes to the stage, the rope cut, narrowly missing him. Visiting Robey's house they discover that an imitation Gelado violin made by Robey has been replaced with a genuine one. Back at the theatre a trio of performing dogs have been mysteriously relocated during the night, and Holmes hears more tales of the ghost. There are further ghostly apparitions, and further attempts made on Robey's life.

Holmes sends Watson to Reigate to collect something alive in a basket, and comes back to the news that Robey is dead and the ghost's identity has been revealed.

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A resurrection in a funeral parlour brings the would-be murderer to justice, but Watson finds himself saddled with a pug-dog pup before the case is finally over. They hear from a London policeman, who is also volunteering, that the President of the Transvaal Republic has had his longest, and most favourite, whisker stolen from his face. A discovery in Gnomes's soup solves the case. He learns from a servant that the Maharajah's agate has been stolen by the Chinese.

Gilbert Adair

After a deal of thought he visits the monkey cage at the zoo. Having tried to deduce her reason for calling, he confesses himself powerless in the face of London rents when she tells him that she wants him to find a house for her family. On her arrival he deduces the identity of her missing sweetheart by examining her face. The Royal Chef prepares the jelly roll ransom, while Hums questions the Moth brothers. A reward is offered, but it is stolen by the Spider.

Buzzy bribes underworld boss Wiggly Worm and sets out to rescue the Princess. Hums sets out to do battle armed with a darning needle. Buzzy launches an all-out attack, and Hums arrives when it is all over. The Spider is tried and sentenced to the Electric Eel.


On arriving he is picked up by Solly Paunce, and taken to a tavern, where he is drugged and his clock stolen. He wakes up on the street, where he is found by the Great Detective who takes him to Baker Street. The Great Detective sets out after Paunce, but after several hours, when he hasn't come back, a message arrives in a jar of marmalade - he is being held prisoner in a marmalade factory.

Danny sets out to free him and retrieve his clock, but ends up facing a gang of anarchists. Since coming to England, a package of replicas of the Declaration of Independence, and a badge for a society she founded, have been stolen from her hotel room. Watson solves the mystery, and Holmes calls at his house in disguise. A tall man was seen giving him apples when he was left at the garden gate by his nurse. He suspects that one of his three clerks is the culprit. The cost of gas provides Jones with the solution. Sholmes is able to describe her husband in detail and guarantee his safe return.

Before he makes a startling series of deductions they have to decide if the account of the case should be a novel or a short story. The glove's owner arrives to reclaim it. Honoria discovers the body of Bill Banks in a culvert and Shomes is on hand to investigate. Shomes departs to track down a missing Russian Chief of Tactics, but returns to reveal how Catesbys' Lino has brought an end to his career. He further deduces that a servant girl is at the door, which opens to reveal a disshevelled man, about whom he makes a series of deductions before learning that he is bank president Wogglestone on a quest for the gas company's offices.

Two soldiers and a civilian enter the booking office. Holmes identifies the civilian as an AWOL soldier in mufti, from a dropped handkerchief.


Rotson finds a clue. Back in their rooms they are visited by Von Leuwicutz who reveals that he has poisoned Soles, but Soles is too clever for him, even if he does manage to lose Rotson. Mary's father calls on Syme to find her. After searching everywhere, Roughneck arrives in the desert. Mary, meanwhile is shipwrecked on a cannibal island.

Roughneck charters a plane and searches the islands, Mary is captured by the cannibals, and Syme and Blotson remove their disguises. He visits the club and decides that there is nothing he can do about it. Sheltering from the rain in the chapel of Portland Academy, he and Watson are approached by a girl who has lost two rings. A trail of peanuts leads to the solution. He deduces that Potson is wearing a cholera belt knitted by his grandmother, and discovers that the missing man had had an argument with Bryman, was suspected of poisoning the food in the officers' mess, and that a man answering his description has been seen at Barton Fair in Gloucester.

The following day Bones announces that he has located the missing man. Plumernapple; Madeline Corot; Q. Hotsam notices a lot of rum at Wemm's store. More rum appears in diverse locations. Pioneer Intha Pink also decides to search for the rum. His caller, when he comes, is not who Tomes predicted he would be. Holmes dons a Highlander disguise, and discovers the culprit and a plot involving mortgages and lamp-posts. Among the guests is Professor Challenger. He calls in Holmes, who, after a series of deductions about Watson's recent activities, offers Watson, in the throes of a bilious attack, some of his own Beecham's Pills to replace the missing ones and ease his discomfort.

That course will not just impact them each in ways they could never have foreseen, but also the future of the United States of America. Elmo Jenkins is now a full-fledged staff member at First Church. The whole gang is back for the bumpy ride along with some colorful new characters. Be there when Elmo surprises Bonnie on their wedding day. Tag along when Dunston finally takes Elmo fishing.

Feel the thrill of riding in a red Viper with a friar at the wheel. And help Elmo figure out that creepy little statue named Ferty. Lance Michelli is on a quest to discover the secrets his grandmother cannot tell.

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  3. From Here To Eternity;
  4. What happened all those years ago, and what is it she so desperately needs him to find? The old villa in Sonoma holds the answers, but it is now owned by a young woman who neither knows nor cares about his mission. But Rese Barret is a force to contend with, and her own impending storm could sweep him up as their sparring creates a fierce and uncomfortable attraction.

    From bestselling author Kristen Heitzmann. If you read a lot of ebooks, then finding these free and lower price ebooks is a great solution that will allow you to read more without having to spend a ton of money! They may have changed. Share This Deal. His sister Teagan was about to bury it.

    Cry Of The Peacock. Ferryl Shayde. The Gaslight Gunslinger. The Best Seller. These authors are embedding an alien genetic code within the pages of their novels that originated from Nazi Germany becauseā€¦ The time has come. They are here. The Shadow Broker. Crossing In Time.

    If someone took everything you live for, how far would you go to get it back? Wolf Of The Tesseract.