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He installed his loyal henchman, Khaveen , as captain of the city guard. Not long afterward, he devastated Raseir by drying up its magical fountain, while Khaveen drove out most of the resident Katta.

The Quests for Glory

Ad Avis had the new Emir impose open slavery and forced all the women to wear veils and remain indoors. When the Sultan of Shapier sent an army to investigate, a fierce sand storm prevented them from reaching the city. The Sultan wisely guessed the storm was deliberate and magical and chose not to return, fearing for the lives of his brave men. Thus he attacked Shapeir, knowing that a hero would soon arrive due to the prophecy. This hero was the one to save Shapeir, and although Ad Avis used and betrayed him, he finally sent him falling to his doom.

He called out to the Dark master for help, and the Dark master teleported his body to Mordavia. He rose from death a Nosferatu , a Vampire again enslaved to the Dark Master.

Reward Yourself

Ad Avis wanted revenge. He hated the Hero, but despised the Dark Master even more. He would do anything in his power to destroy her, but because he is a Vampire Slave , he couldn't harm her unless she harmed him first. Thus he plotted to use the Hero against her, and then destroy them both. Ad Avis made two attempts to kill his master and break free; first, when the Hero was captured by Katrina and imprisoned within Castle Borgov , Ad Avis made his escape deliberately easy and left a stake and hammer within reach of the Hero, knowing that the way out of the castle passed through Katrina's personal chambers and hoping the Hero would kill her.

The Hero, however, did not take the bait, either seeing through the ruse or caring too much for Katrina to harm her. Later, when the ritual to summon Avoozl was nearing completion, Ad Avis attacked the hero, declaring him no longer nessecary, in a calculated bid to stir up Katrina's love for him. He succeeded: Katrina attacked Ad Avis, freeing him from his slavery.

Ad Avis sent a second spell towards the Hero and as Katrina blocked it she was taken by Avoozl into total darkness. Unfortunately for Ad Avis the hero outsmarted him again by telling him the Ultimate Joke and then finishing him off once and for all while he was distracted using the power of Erana's staff. By the beginning of Trial by Fire , Rasier has become almost completely deserted. Those who remain live under the iron grip of Khaveen and his ruthless guards.

Ad Avis remains largely out of sight, not wanting to draw the attention of other spellcasters in the world. He uses his immense powers to create a magical shroud over Rasier, preventing any magic user from using their abilities to see the city from afar.

Quests for Glory - Soman Chainani - Book 4

It is implied he does not allow anyone who even knows his name to remain free long. He has also mastered the ability to turn humans into animals and other fantastic creatures. In addition to the Emir, he transforms his apprentice, Al Scurva , into a strange creature and leaves him to die in a cage in the desert.

A few days after arriving in Raseir, Ad Avis has the hero arrested after a couple of days. When the Hero quickly escapes Khaveen's dungeon, Ad Avis finds him in the city and hypnotizes him into serving his will. Going out to the Forbidden City of Suleiman, Ad Avis forces the Hero to enter the lost city and retrieve the statue that contains the evil Djinn Iblis. Ad Avis leaves the Hero to die in the city once he has Iblis, but unfortunately did not properly read the prophecy he sought to take advantage of.

He dies when the Hero knocks him from a tower where he is attempting to summon the demon Iblis. She also notes that his death discharged an enormous amount of unstable magical energy, the shockwave of which could be felt by powerful magic users worldwide. It is suggested by Rakeesh that this release actually widened the World Gate in Tarna , allowing a Demon Wizard to enter Gloriana and set into motion the events of the game. At the very end of Wages of War, as the hero stands triumphant alongside his allies, he is swept away by an all-encompassing field of dark magic.

In a cliffhangar scene for Shadows of Darkness, Ad Avis and his robed master are seen watching the hero menacingly through a crystal ball. In the fourth game, Ad Avis has been resurrected as a vampire in Mordavia. The Hero learns that, years ago, Katrina defeated Ad Avis in a duel and then bit him. Ad Avis was infected by her vampire bite, and so, after he was killed by the Hero, he became a nosferatu in Katrina's service.

Bestselling Series

Ad Avis cannot harm Katrina unless she harms him first, since he is in effect her vampire descendant. Katrina seeks to summon the Hero as part of her bid to awaken a Dark One , Avoozl , a powerful entity that will plunge the world into eternal darkness thus relieving them of the need to retreat to their coffins during the day. Unfortunately, due to the powerful influence of the Dark One's Cave in Mordavia, the Hero does not arrive in their spell circle but rather in the Cave itself. Katrina decides to manipulate the Hero, recognizing that he may need his free will to help her retrieve the rituals needed to awaken Avoozl.

Ad Avis constantly argues with her, insisting that the Hero cannot be trusted and that he will have his revenge on them both. He unsuccessfully tries to trick the Hero into killing Katrina. Level Duration: 10 sec. Aegis of Light MAX 4. Gauntlet Frenzy MAX 5. Machina MAX 6. Reaction: Destruction MAX 7. Reaction: Domaination MAX 8. Umbral Brand MAX 9. Holy Shield MAX 4. Makina MAX 6. Curse Mark MAX 9. When the Crystal is touched by Craft: Javelin or Craft: Longinus, it resonates to fire out 2 destructive energy to nearby enemies.

Cooldown: 4 sec. If the Crystal is touched by Craft: Orb, it resonates to attack enemies near the Crystal, and inflicts Curse Mark on them. Enhances Craft: Javelin to increase damage, seek out enemies, and explode. During Glory Wing, cusing Crystal Portal with directional keys will quickly teleport you towards that direction. Level 1: Duration: 10 sec.

Level Duration: 20 sec. It also leaves Curse Mark on enemies. Links with the energy 5 times. Links with the energy 15 times. Duration: 10 sec. Level Can be stacked up to 3 times. Might of the Flora Flora Mastery Passive Calls upon the incredible powers of Flora that has been passed down throughout the ages. Tenacity Master of Fate Passive Defy fate and strive harder for magical knowledge. Endless Research MAX 5. Tenacity MAX 6. Might of the Flora MAX 7. Master of Fate MAX 6.

Flora Mastery MAX 7. When Craft: Javelin hits an enemy, it splits into smaller fragments to perform additional attacks. It can be linked with Craft: Orb II, and it does not affect skill enhancement effects for multi-target skills. It shares the skill level with Craft: Javelin II, and can be linked together. Longinus flies towards the Crystal, and deals massive damage to all enemies along its path. Cooldown: 30 sec. Cooldown: 15 sec. Deus summons up to 5 Satellites that chases down nearby enemies.

Deus does not affect enemies that are in Damage Reflection state. Summons for 20 sec. Summons for 30 sec. Can be used once during Glory Wing. Shoots out a powerful energy to leave Curse Marks on enemies, and Bless Marks on allies. Level 1: Leaves Curse and Bless Marks on up to 2 enemies and allies, respectively. Grants immunity to Status effects for 3 sec. Cannot cancel certain Status effects.

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Cooldown: sec. Level 1: Can be stacked up to 4 times. Longinus Spear MAX Vortex Wings MAX Resonant Wings MAX Hero of the Flora MAX Craft: Longinus MAX Fast Charge MAX Flora Warrior MAX Flora Temperance MAX. Explosion activates 4 times. Invincible while casting. Cooldown: seconds. This skill can be maintained up to 10 sec. Shares skill levels with Crystal Ignition. Reactivation: 1 sec. If the Crystal charges up to a certain point while preparing to attack, it fires off a stronger blade. Gramholder does not affect enemies in the Damage Reflection state.

If Crystal charges to 3 or above, Final Damage is doubled. Crystalline Spirit Crystal of Soul Max Level: 25 30 with Matrix Points Use the power of mytocrystals to form a crystalline spirit and drive your enemies away. Can activate the Reaction skill with the crystalline spirit. Does not reduce the number of enemies that can be attacked when the Radiant Javelin comes into contact. Cannot use while Wings of Glory is active.

The Healing Energies, Metaphysical Properties,

Level 1: MP Cost: , uses 1 crystal shard. A crystalline spirit forms near the mytocrystal for 30 sec. Not affected by cooldown reset. Using Wings of Glory will disperse the crystalline spirit. Prepares 1 crystal shard every 20 sec for up to 2 shards. Certain Magic Wing are obtained from Events or Bosses. Set Item of Black Set. Level — Black Magic Gauntlet M. Level — Terminus Magic Gauntlet M. An encounter with an ancient artifact changes his destiny forever. Great talent and potential awaken a brilliant hero. Illium is a descendent of the magical Flora race from Grandis, a parallel world created at the same time as Maple World, and separated from it by only a thin barrier.

Hundreds of years ago, the Flora created a beautiful civilization using ancient nature magic that flowed through their brilliant wings. Brilliance has a cost and the Flora paid for it with civil war. The race split into two factions—the High Flora, who believe that they are superior to other races and must conquer everyone in Grandis, and the Verdant Flora who want to coexist in harmony with the other races.

When the dust settled, the Verdant Flora had been driven deep into hiding, where they have remained for decades. It is here in the small town of Sanctuary that we find Illium. As a Verdant Flora himself, his blood dictates that he should have the brilliant magical abilities of his ancestors. Unfortunately, he does not. He is an extremely clever boy with machinery, but his lack of magical knowledge causes him to struggle and fall behind his peers, who tease him for this.

At the Crystal Academy, he meets the headmistress Agate, who sees something in him that others do not. While under her training, Illium encounters the Crystal, an ancient artifact that Agate has been protecting since the war.

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  6. The Crystal awakens a newfound power within Illium, granting him magical abilities and transforming everything about him. His physical appearance and personality change, and he becomes a natural leader who devotes himself to the salvation of the Verdant Flora.

    Trithemius: The art of drawing spirits into crystals

    Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Evan is a great blessing for Magician that has high MP consumption. However, your MP will drain far more quicker with Mana Overload 5th Job Skill and Evan passive skill from Maple Union will not be able to sustain it if you are able to spam the skill very quickly.

    Ayumilove thx for telling me about maple union, after i went to put my evan. I feel like i lost almost no mana at all. Mple: Probably yes based on the high skill MP consumption. Makina 2. Holy Shield 3. Flora Mastery 4. Master of Fate 5. Perfect Crystal Charge 6.